Chilled packaging

Whatever your chilled packaging requirements we provide an extensive and versatile range of off the shelf and bespoke insulated boxes, ice packs and temperature-controlled shipping solutions.

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Non-hydrated ice packs

Pre-hydrated ice packs

Insulated boxes and bags

Custom Packaging Design

Bespoke sizes and branding manufactured to your specific requirements. Let us share the knowledge gleaned over the last 27 years to determine the combination of insulated box and ice that works for you!

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Our range of insulated boxes and bags, non-hydrated and pre-hydrated ice packs are the best performing temperature control solutions on the market today. Shop by packaging solutions, each with specific temperature ranges. Want to discuss your specific packaging requirements? Contact Us

Packaging for Meat Products

Our chilled packaging range is tailored to all food retailers including butchers, wholesalers and manufacturers wishing to send produce safely through the standard courier network; removing the need for expensive chilled couriers.

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Packaging for Dairy Products

Our dairy product packaging is food safe, temperature controlled and ensures the safe delivery of your products to clients, both nationally and internationally.

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Packaging for Ready Meals

If you are a ready meal chef, producer or manufacturer looking to drive sales of your specialty ready meals by shipping directly to customers whilst maintaining quality and freshness, then our chilled packaging solutions are exactly what you need.

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Packaging for Seafood Products

Expensive refrigerated vehicles and chilled couriers are not the only way to ensure your seafood arrives at your customer’s temperature safe. Our chilled packaging solutions are both cost effective, quality assured and the best option on the market.

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Packaging for Frozen Products

Our insulated boxes, pre-hydrated and non-hydrated ice packs are the best performing solutions on the market today. They will maintain the required cold chain, via carrier networks, for up to 48 hours.

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Free product samples

Try before you buy with free samples to determine the best ice to product ratios!

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