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10 Reasons to Select Sorbatek Non-hydrated Ice Packs for Shipping

Sorbatek Flexiroll Non-hydrated Ice.

For over 30 years, Sorbatek non-hydrated ice packs are trusted globally by food and drinks producers and biomedical laboratories to ship temperature-sensitive goods.

Sorbatek was initially launched to service the Scottish fishing industry. Originally, the product allowed fisheries to send their produce internationally, retaining cold temperatures in transit for up to 48 hours.

Acquired by Pitreavie Packaging in 2015, the customer base has grown significantly and is the product of choice for brands such as Highland Wagyu, The Handmade Scotch Egg Company, Bellhaven Smokehouse, McCaskie’s Online Butcher, and Alfred Enderby.

In this article, we explore the key benefits of Sorbatek and how it can support you to safely deliver your goods direct-to-consumer.

Why choose Sorbatek non-hydrated ice packs for shipping?

1. 48-hour Temperature Maintenance (Validated)

Sorbatek non-hydrated ice has been thoroughly tested and temperature maintenance performance is validated to ensure that cold temperatures are retained to safeguard your goods for up to 48 hours in transit.

2. Maximise your Operational Space

Our non-hydrated ice packs are compact and easy to store, maximising your operational space. A stock of Sorbatek requires minimal storage space compared to storage requirements for pre-hydrated ice packs, optimising use of your production and storage facilities

3. BRCGS Accredited

Sorbafreeze is the only BRCGS accredited chilled packaging manufacturer in the UK. All of our chilled packaging range is accredited to rigorous BRCGS AA standards. BRCGS is the leading regulatory body for the food and drinks industry, holding manufacturers to the highest standards of production and quality and offering full traceability of our source materials.

4. Minimise Chilled Packaging Costs

Sorbatek offers businesses an economical temperature-sensitive shipping solution, retaining quality and temperature maintenance at a fraction of the cost of hydrated ice packs. If cost is a key consideration when you’re sourcing ice packs for shipping, Sorbatek is the perfect option.

5. Reduced carbon footprint

Due to the compact properties, more non-hydrated ice packs can fit on a pallet in comparison to hydrated ice packs. More ice packs per pallet, means reduced transportation requirements, and in turn, a reduction in CO2 emissions. and lessened environmental impact.

6. Flexible Format Options to Suit your Shipment

Sorbatek ice packs come in 5 different formats, including Flexiroll, which allows you to tear off and hydrate as little or as much ice as you need. Different products and shipping durations call for different ice ratios, so our versatile range allows you to select what suits your products best.

7. No-leak Guarantee

The salt-based polymer is activated by water to form a thick gel, which is then reliably contained within the foil pack, with a no-leak guarantee. No leaks mean no moisture damage in transit, ensuring your goods reach customer’s doorsteps in pristine condition.

8. Safer than Dry Ice

Sorbatek ice packs uses a non-toxic salt-based polymer, approved for food contact and free from poisonous ingredients. It’s a safe alternative to traditional dry ice options, which bring safety concerns such as skin burns and asphyxiation.

9. 30-year Reputation

Sorbatek has been used across the world for over 30 years, with the key to success being reliable performance. Using a salt-based polymer gel and highly insulative foil, Sorbatek ice packs offer unrivalled performance in temperature maintenance.

10. Free Samples Available

If you’d like to try Sorbatek ice packs before you place your first order, you can request a free sample of our various ice formats on our website. Our insulated shipping chambers such as boxes, bags and envelopes are also available to sample.

We recommend that you use the free samples to complete trials to determine the correct quantity and format of ice to safely deliver your product within your chosen delivery period.

Book your free Insulated Packaging Review

Our experienced team are on hand to discuss your requirements and advise you on your temperature sensitive shipping options. We offer a free, tailored insulated packaging review to help you retain your product integrity and uncover additional business benefits within your packaging.

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