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Planet Friendly Chilled Packaging: 10 Reasons to Make the Change

Research points towards 2023 being a huge year for sustainability within the food and drinks industry. Consumers will demand sustainable packaging, leading chilled food producers to seek planet friendly chilled packaging solutions.

But how can you as a producer prioritise eco-friendly temperature control packaging, without compromising on quality, durability or performance?

Last year, the Sorbafreeze chilled packaging research and development team created ‘Ecotek’, the 100% recyclable insulated shipping box.

We are encouraging businesses with a direct-to-consumer fresh food offering (including meat, fish, dairy and ready meals), to trial Ecotek within their packaging operations.

Why choose Ecotek?

1. Ecotek is 100% kerbside recyclable and is comprised entirely of corrugated cardboard.

With access to our own 64,000 sq ft corrugate plant, an in-house design team and R&D department, developing a fully recyclable insulated shipping box was the next logical step in the Sorbafreeze journey. The Ecotek box can be recycled through normal household recycling bins.

2. The product is produced by Sorbafreeze, the UK’s only BRCGS accredited chilled packaging manufacturer.

The BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard recognises packaging manufacturers for providing quality assured, legally complaint and authentic products for the food and drinks industry. Sorbafreeze is the UK’s only BRCGS accredited chilled packaging brand, highlighting its quality and food safety credentials.

3. Temperature maintenance for up to 48 hours.

Prior to launch, we subjected Ecotek to rigorous temperature testing which proved safe travel for up to 48 hours. The team are on hand to give packing tips and advice.

4. Flat-packed delivery helps to reduce carbon footprint!

As an environmentally conscious insulated packaging supplier, we work hard to reduce the carbon footprint of our products wherever possible. Compact deliveries mean fewer trucks on the road, and a reduction in CO2 emissions; another great reason to switch to Ecotek.

5. It also helps to reduce storage space

We appreciate your production space is at a premium hence the flat-packed delivery format of Ecotek chilled shipping box – assembly on demand rather than bulky packaging taking up valuable production space makes commercial sense.

6. Pre-collated for fast assembly

Ecotek boxes have 2 functional components, the outer corrugated box and the unique corrugated insulated chamber inside. Your delivery will come pre-collated in one piece simply ‘pop open, tape and pack’! A true time saver.

7. Kerbside recycling message.

Our icon, prominently placed on every Ecotek box, clarifies the simplicity of disposal. Both you and your clients can have a clear environmental conscience. 

8. Available for next day delivery in 2 different sizes.

Our web store offers 2 different sizes of the Ecotek insulated box for next day delivery, offering you a quick and easy way to introduce Ecotek into your packaging operation.

9. Full branding options are available with print in up to 5 colours.

We can fully support custom branding requirements. Our design team can guide you through the entire branding process from start to finish, helping you to create eye-catching insulated packaging, whilst remaining entirely eco-friendly.

10. Try it for free!

We provide free samples to allow you to trial our planet friendly chilled packaging solutions with your own products. Ecotek samples are available upon request, free of charge with no delivery fee. Order your sample today!

Alternatively, you can speak to our experts for bespoke guidance on your unique chilled packaging requirements, email or call us on 01592 623523.

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