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5 Key Benefits of the Chilled Packaging Mixed Pallet

According the the Bank of England, consumer spending habits change significantly during the festive season. Shoppers spend 20-38% more on food and alcohol during December than in a typical month.

Ahead of the busy festive period, we’ve developed a ‘mixed pallet’ buying option that offers you flexibility and value. You can mix and match our chilled packaging products, selecting exactly what you need, all arriving in one convenient pallet delivery.

Allow our experts to help you create the perfect chilled packaging mixed pallet, carefully optimising your order to ensure maximum impact for your business.

Top 5 reasons to choose a Chilled Packaging Mixed Pallet

1. Reduced inbound carriage costs

Shipping a mix of all your chilled packaging essentials as one pallet load, means a single carriage rate instead of paying shipping costs each time you purchase individual products: reducing costs and environmental impact at the same time.

2. Economy of scale

Benefit from the pallet rate, even for smaller quantities of each product. Discuss your needs with the Sorbafreeze team to build your bespoke pallet.

3. Optimise your operational space

Our customers tell us that lack of storage space is one of their biggest challenges during the busy Christmas period, and maximising production space is fundamental.

Now you can store Sorbafreeze products all on an assorted pallet, providing the right mix of products, whilst minimising the impact on your operational space.

4. Eliminate stock challenges

Having ample stock and optimising volumes of each product allows you focus on catering to the demand of your customers, rather than spending December restricted by packaging supplies.

5. Reduced carbon footprint

We are passionate about optimising deliveries for minimum carbon emissions.

By consolidating your chilled packaging deliveries onto pallet loads, you’ll receive your order in fewer deliveries and reduce your carbon footprint. The world needs more of that this Christmas!

Our expert team can guide you in selecting the best mixed pallet option for your business, ensuring you receive the right mix of products as you need them, at the best value.

Call us on 01592 623523 or email for advice. Alternatively, you can get in touch via our website.

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