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8 Reasons to Make the Switch to a Recyclable Insulated Packaging Solution

With a recent survey demonstrating that two thirds of consumers consider recyclable packaging to be important when choosing a product, brands now understand that sustainability is key to winning the hearts and minds of shoppers.

At Sorbafreeze, we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of market trends and have been implementing customer feedback to develop our temperature-sensitive shipping range. We’ve seen increasing interest and demand for recyclable insulated packaging solutions and we want to support the food and drinks industry to make more sustainable packaging choices.

The latest in product our eco-friendly armour is Kerbcool. Kerbcool is a 100% paper-based insulated box, offering enhanced sustainability alongside the same reliability that Sorbafreeze customers have come to expect, with up to 48-hour temperature maintenance.

In this article we’ll highlight 8 key reasons to make the switch from solutions producing excessive packaging waste, to Kerbcool; a fully kerbside recyclable insulated packaging solution.

Why Make the Switch to a Recyclable Insulated Packaging?

1. 100% Kerbside Recyclable

While consumers are making more sustainable packaging choices, continued legislative changes such as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and UK Plastic Packaging Tax are also placing increasing pressure on food producers to minimise packaging waste and increase recyclability. A paper-based insulated packaging solution, Kerbcool can be easily recycled by consumers in their household recycling collections.

2. BRCGS Accreditation

Sorbafreeze is the UK’s only BRCGS accredited chilled packaging supplier. Your packaging is manufactured to rigorous standards and quality checks, and you benefit from complete traceability of our source materials.

3. 48-hour Temperature Maintenance (Validated)

The Kerbcool insulated packaging solution has been subjected to numerous rounds of temperature testing, validated for 24 hours below +5oC and 48 hours below +8oC. Switching to Kerbcool gives you the confidence to know that your goods will reach customer’s doorsteps in pristine condition.

4. Bespoke Branding in up to 5 Colours

As part of the Pitreavie Group, Sorbafreeze has direct access to a team of expert in-house designers and a corrugated packaging manufacturing site, utilising the latest 5-colour print technology and machinery. We’re well placed to advise of both structural and graphic design considerations, ensuring your product and brand are received positively by your customers.

5. Vegan-friendly Packaging

From the corrugated cardboard to inks and glues, all Kerbcool materials are free of animal-based content. For food and drinks brands, vegan-friendly packaging helps to demonstrate brand values and prioritises the needs of their vegan customer base.

6. Protective and Insulative Padding

All Kerbcool boxes come with two paper-based liners with dual purpose. These liners act as the insulation chamber for temperature retention, but also double as a protective cushion, preventing damages and keeping your products safe from impact during transit.

7. Free Samples

Free samples of our temperature-sensitive packaging range are available on our website, allowing you to try the product with no obligation to purchase. Ordering a free sample of Kerbcool allows you to review the suitability for your products and run your own temperature performance tests, ensuring complete confidence in the product before implementing it into your operation.

8. Trusted by Brands

Sorbafreeze products have been trusted by brands across the UK since 1991, and Kerbcool has been a welcome addition. Since the launch of the product in 2023, Kerbcool is used by numerous brands, including Lewis Pies, Tagg Lane Dairy, and Maynard’s Farm.

Kerbside Recyclable without Compromising on Quality

Longstanding Sorbafreeze customer Lewis Pies made the change to Kerbcool in 2023, hoping to reduce their carbon footprint whilst maintaining the same level of brand recognition and temperature retention that their customers had come to expect.

Head of Procurement, Jason Davies shared; “We were keen to work with a trusted supplier to take the next step in our sustainability journey. It was important to us to select a commercially viable, fully kerbside recyclable solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, reliability of supply or brand recognition”.

Lewis Pies successfully trialled and implemented Kerbcool into their packaging operation, receiving many tangible benefits and enhancing the overall sustainability of their brand.

To request your free sample of Kerbcool, please visit: or visit the Sorbafreeze online shop to place your order.

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