About Us

Founded in 1991, Sorba-Freeze Ltd is the world’s leading supplier of Temperature Controlled Packaging Solutions.

Pitreavie Group bought Sorba-Freeze in 2015 which was an Aberdeen based  supplier. The team were so confident in Sorba-Freeze that they Invested over £750,000 in 2017. This was for a new purpose-built production facility to house custom built equipment. Sorba-Freeze was then relocated to the Pitreavie Group’s current home in Glenrothes.

The Sorba-Freeze solution was first developed to solve the issue of managing the temperature of packaged seafood during the transportation stage.

The Sorba-Freeze triple action technology has set the benchmark in the chilled packaging solutions industry. Now with a range of products to support our client base, we can deliver the complete package.

Whilst our manufacturing facility is based in Glenrothes, Sorba-Freeze has developed a global client base. This is thanks to the unrivalled performance of our solution and the customer service excellence. We have had great customer support over the last 25 years.

Development Of Temperature Controlled Packaging Solutions

We have developed the stock, offering new sheet formats (4 x 4 cells, 1 kilo sheet), and production of multiple cell bespoke products (6 x 10, 2×2 etc). We also introduced a full range of insulated boxes and envelopes to provide more varied chilled goods packaging.

Furthermore, clients valued the performance level of Sorba-Freeze and required the packaging to match this. This included the insurance of temperature safe deliveries of their products in pristine condition.

We didn’t want to just stop at the original flat packed polytile offer. We then decided to move to three options. The team made this step to give our customers more of a choice. Our Polytiles, pre-moulded polyboxes and recent development of foil insulation liners have proven to be a positive progression for us. It has also benefited our customers in chilled packaging solutions.

To find out more, contact us now on 01592 631273.

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