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Benefits of Temperature Controlled Packaging & Free Samples

What are the benefits of temperature controlled packaging?

You use ice packs and chilled packaging in the food and drink industry for a few reasons, none are more important than the issue of food safety. The last thing any business needs – especially if you’re a start-up – is to deliver unsafe product to an end client. That’s why you need effective, reliable, and robust temperature-controlled packaging that will keep your food and drink safe in transit for up to 48 hours.

What happens if chilled food & drink becomes too warm in transit?

Bacteria is the cause of food poisoning which can lead to serious illness, even death in some cases. When food and drink is stored or transported incorrectly products are often left in what we call the ‘danger zone’. This is the temperature zone between 5°C – 63°C at which bacteria will multiply at an exceptional rate. This can lead to millions of bacteria being present in as little as a few hours. Bacteria is not only invisible to the naked eye but will not affect taste or smell, you can’t trust your senses.

How does chilled packaging work?

Ice packs when placed in chilled packaging along with your product work by absorbing any additional residual warmth within your package until completely melted. The secret to their success is simply the amount of heat energy required to melt the ice pack fully.

With the help of our expert team your business will be able to ship your products at the optimal temperature they require. Every product is different and their chilled temperature control unique. That’s why we also provide free samples of our products for you to run chilled packaging trials in advance of purchasing an entire palate.

Why should I run chilled packaging trials with your free samples?

With so many options on the market it can be hard to establish which option is best for your business. Are you a seasoned veteran and know your current option inside out, shipping products for years but looking for something new or perhaps improved performance and efficiency? Have you only taken the first steps and discovered the world of ice packs out of necessity for your start-up? Unsure which option is most cost effective for you whilst ensuring product safety?

Regardless of stage, we have a product that will meet your chilled packaging requirements. We validate all our products to ensure effectiveness but there’s still a need for you to run your own trials. This is because your products will need to be insulated to maintain the optimal temperature levels and contain the correct ratio of ice to product to last the distance and ensure the safety of your products.

Our team are available to help at every stage of your journey – from selecting the right packaging to helping you put your first trial together. You can order your free sample here and even read about how to pack your box to survive courier handling here.

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