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Butterflies For Occasions Case Study

Butterflies for occasions provide bred butterflies for release at weddings, proms, funerals and memorials across the UK for beautiful displays. There are various packages available including individual butterfly releases or larger vintage cages with complimentary poem or verse printing.

Butterflies For Occasions are an ethical and caring company and the Butterflies welfare is their main priority. They only release Butterflies that are native to the UK, so they can be certain that once released, they can be set free to make more Butterflies.

The ethical treatment of the butterflies also extends to the packaging and shipment process. Butterflies For Occasions use specialist chilled packaging products, Sorbatek Flexiroll by Sorbafreeze to ensure the Butterflies are kept cool and safe for their journey to our customers.

Butterflies are cold blooded creatures and respond to temperature, so when cooled down to a particular temperature they naturally ‘go to sleep’ for the duration of their journey, ensuring they are not stressed or anxious.

Director Angeline Hayden said that,

“We trust and believe in this amazing product because we know it is fit for the purpose of protecting our beautiful creatures, making the experience perfect not only for the Butterflies but for all of our customers and their expectations for the safety and welfare of our Butterflies.”

Sorbatek gel ice packs have been trusted by companies for over 27 years to ship temperature sensitive goods. The ultra-compact format of Sorbatek allows customers to save space whist offering optimal temperature control of your products for up to 48 hours.

To find out more about the Sorbatek range and how it can help you to keep your goods chilled in transit, please visit our online shop.

For more general information on our range of chilled packaging, click here.

To find out more about Butterflies For Occasions’ services, please visit or follow them on social media below:


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