Flying Fish Seafood

“Sorbafreeze pads control the temperature, does exactly as we need it to”

Flying Fish Seafood supplies its superior quality products to some of the UK’s leading establishments including Michelin starred restaurants such as Hester Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck, Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons and Michel Roux’s The Waterside Inn.

Their business relies on their reputation for delivering wonderfully fresh seafood of consistently high quality. So when it comes to products they ship via overnight courier, they rely on Sorba Freeze to ensure their chilled products are as fresh as they day they were shipped.

The Flying Fish Seafood team use Polystyrene boxes to ship their products, choosing to place an absorbent pad on the bottom to absorb any fluids, insert an insulated liner followed by the products and topped with Sorba Freeze Sheets.

Whilst the Food Standards Agency guidelines recommend a maximum temperature of 8 degrees Celsius, the Flying Fish Seafood team aim to keep the temperature below 5 degrees Celsius. To achieve this, they freeze the Sorbafreeze sheets to minus 20 which they find usually keeps the boxes at minus 2.

Stuart Williamson from Flying Fish Seafoods explained, “We were using flaked ice to deliver our products but started receiving requests from customers saying they did not want to receive packages dripping with water. We therefore use Sorbafreeze pads to control the temperature and I am delighted at how it does exactly as we need it to do.”