Scot Prime

Sorba Freeze Ensures Scotprime’s High Value Orders Are Kept Alive & Kicking

Scotprime Seafoods Ltd, is one of Britain’s leading privately owned seafood companies supplying its range of live lobsters, prawns and langoustine to clients including, royalty, millionaire footballers as well as some of the biggest names in the restaurant sector.

With 90% of Scotprime’s sales destined for export to countries, which can take up to 3 days to arrive at their destination, Scotprime use Sorba Freeze Refrigerated Packaging to ensure their live shellfish and crustacean are maintained at a specific temperature during the transportation process.

Such is the level of detail, Scotprime employ a inhouse Marine Biologist to carry out tests on the packaging and use probes so they know the exact temperature of the products at every point of the journey.

For example, to keep their live prawns in pristine condition in a chilled vehicle, the Scotprime team put a 500g Sorba Freeze Refrigerant Block into the middle of their polystyrene box before packing the live products around it and finishing with a moist sheet on top to keep the prawns moist before sealing the box.

Their attention to detail and scientific calculations enable them to ensure the prawns are not only alive and well, they are at the perfect temperature to start waking up just at the point of delivery – which is exactly what the customer wants.

Dan Hendry of Scotprime commented, “We’ve tried everything else, even 1 litre milk bottles filled with frozen water which equals 1kg of water but when you store water there is always the risk of typhoid or Cholera.”

He continued, “With Sorba Freeze we know that by the time the customer gets their produce it will be at the exact temperature they require, giving them enough time to sell on to their end clients for processing. We’re dealing in huge volumes such as 400 kg of prawn orders so we cannot afford to lose the stock and not be paid for it.”