The Buffalo Farm

“No leaks and most importantly the product will be in great condition”

When it comes to chilled packaging, performance, reliability and convenience are the key ingredients for success for the Buffalo Farm, one of the UK’s leading supplier of Buffalo meat.


The company has established an extensive client base across the UK, having featured on TV shows such as Gordon Ramsay’s the F Word, Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds and This Farming Life. The farm has seen a dramatic growth in their online sales for the full range of butchers meats.

And when it comes to chilled packaging, they rely on the superior performance of Sorba-Freeze as well as our insulated boxes.

Buffalo Farm’s owner, Steve Mitchell, explained, “We have used other packaging solutions for the products we were couriering across the UK, but we were never totally happy or confident that our products were going to arrive in pristine condition.”

He continued, “With Sorba Freeze, we know that no matter what happens in transit, we know for certain that the temperature will meet every requirement, there will be no leaks and most importantly the product will be in great condition.”

And, as Steve explains, it’s not just the performance of the packaging which makes it the perfect choice for the Buffalo Farm: “One of the initial reasons for switching to Sorba Freeze was the fact that the sheets are un-hydrated and therefore we only need a small box of product in our production facility as opposed to storing a pallet of material.”