Sorbafreeze Support Campbells Prime Meat D2C Operation with Chilled Packaging Solutions

Masters of Taste

With roots in butchery dating back to 1910, Campbells Prime Meat have honed their craft over many generations, becoming experts in their field.

Using only the finest fresh ingredients, Campbells pride themselves on the quality of their products. Now offering a vast range of premium meats, fish, and deli products, Campbells are Scotland’s largest family-owned butcher.

Campbells are ‘Masters of Taste’, and proud to distribute their quality produce to a range of businesses and consumers across the UK, including Michelin star restaurants.

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Food and Drinks: Meat Products

The D2C Challenge

The change in consumer behaviour during the Covid pandemic led Campbells to place increased focus on their D2C Ecommerce platform in recent years. Growing demand for online chilled food deliveries, saw Campbells increase their online sales of D2C chilled shipments across the UK.

The team at Campbells were confident that Sorbafreeze could fulfil orders, maintain quality standards and work with them to meet their rising e-commerce packaging demands.

Valued Customer Partnership

The longstanding partnership between Campbells and Sorbafreeze began in 2018, with Sorbafreeze incorporating their feedback to enhance and develop the Sorbafreeze product range.

The Hydratek 500g block gel ice pack was developed in conjunction with Campbells, who needed a custom solution for the shipments of meats via courier. Designed for convenience and up to 48-hour temperature maintenance, the Hydratek 500g block made the ideal solution for Campbells Prime Meat.

Campbells also provided valuable feedback, helping Sorbafreeze to develop their insulated shipping box range. The team at Campbells needed a fast, easy and convenient alternative to traditional polystyrene shipping units. Through research and development, the team at Sorbafreeze presented Campbells with the foil-lined Fastfill Insulated Box.

Prime Results

Following successful trials, the team at Campbells switched to branded Fastfill boxes. Delighted by the temperature maintenance qualities, easy assembly and professional appearance, they’ve continued to purchase these boxes for over 5 years.

Today the relationship between Campbells Prime Meat and Sorbafreeze is stronger than ever. The open dialogue between the teams ensures that Campbells receive the very best service possible. As a much-valued customer, Sorbafreeze continuously ask the Campbells team for feedback and input on newly developed products, building a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship for all.

For more information on any of the Campbells or to shop now, please visit: Campbells Prime Meat

You can also request a free sample of any product selection from the Sorbafreeze chilled packaging range, or visit the online shop today!

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“Working with Sorbafreeze has allowed us to deliver, in the best possible condition, an extended range of premium fresh meat, fish and deli products, and continue to play a pivotal role in our service offering.”

Jim Freer, Head of Purchasing, Campbells Prime Meat

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