Daisy’s Dromedairy Uses Sorbafreeze Chilled Packaging to Ensure Freshness

Immunity Boosting Milk

Based in Warwickshire, Daisy’s Dromedairy began selling frozen and chilled camel milk to the public in 2021, offering a unique product with a variety of health benefits.

The milk itself is lactose intolerant friendly, rich in Vitamin C and has amazing immunity boosting properties; to name a few of the benefits.


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Daisy’s Dromedairy


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The Direct-to-Consumer Challenge

When planning to make the move towards chilled and frozen home deliveries, the founder and CEO of the Dairy, Daisy Fossett, was keen to ensure that the milk retained its cool temperatures for as long as possible.

The Sorbafreeze Solution

Our Sorbafreeze division were able to supply Daisy and her team with our Chilltek Fastfill boxes, the ideal solution to keep goods chilled for up to 48 hours.

The Fastfill boxes also come with the liner fully integrated, allowing quick assembly and allowing Daisy to speed up the packing process at her dairy.

Outstanding Results

The robust packaging and guaranteed temperature-safe delivery of the milk directly to the end user have contributed to increased customer satisfaction and a rise in repeat business amongst Daisy’s Dromedairy’s network of customers.

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“I cannot recommend Sorbafreeze Fastfill boxes enough! They are amazing! I send frozen milk to my customers all across the UK – it’s obviously imperative that the milk stays frozen for as long as possible because it’s such a perishable product. I had a parcel delayed at a depot over the weekend. I rang up my customer to see what state she had received the milk in, and she confirmed that it was still frozen solid. The developers at Sorbafreeze are doing a really good job!”.

Daisy Fossett, Founder and CEO


To find out more about Daisy’s Dromedairy and their unique pasteurised camel’s milk range, visit their website.


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