Inverawe Smokehouse Select Sorbafreeze as their Chilled Packaging Provider

International Smokehouse

Since 1974 Inverawe have supplied a range of smoked seafoods and meat to mail order customers throughout the United Kingdom.

Prioritising quality above all else and “compromising nothing”, the goal at Inverawe has always been to deliver customers with high-end smoked salmon, trout and gourmet hampers, delivered in chilled packaging on a 24-hour service.

50 years later, Inverawe Scottish smoked fish is now enjoyed around the world.

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Inverawe Smokehouse


Food - fine Fish and Game

Frustrations with Suppliers

Before contacting Sorbafreeze, Inverawe were frustrated with the poor service they received from their chilled packaging supplier.

The team at Inverawe found their existing supplier to be unable to meet volume and timescale demands during their peak sales periods.

The Reliable Temperature-sensitive Packaging Supplier 

Inverawe needed a reliable partner to supply insulated envelopes and gel ice packs for shipping, with quick reaction times and proactive communication to support their growing ecommerce operation. The Inverawe team found Sorbafreeze matched their core values and quality ethos.

A Prosperous Partnership

The Chilltek Insulated Envelopes and Hydratek pre-hydrated ice packs from Sorbafreeze offer Inverawe a fast, simple and economical solution suited to their product margins. Together, these products allow Inverawe to deliver chilled meats and seafood by courier, with goods reaching customers in pristine condition.

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“We greatly appreciate the help we receive when we have those occasional moments where we find ourselves with sales exceeding forecast and as such, with shortages on packaging solutions. The Sorbafreeze team have always gone above and beyond to alleviate any sticky situation we might have otherwise found ourselves in and have supplied us with chilled packaging solutions quickly and efficiently.”

Bertie Thewes, Sales Director, Inverawe Smokehouse

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