MacDonald Butchers Become Trustpilot’s No. 1 Scottish Butcher With Sorbafreeze D2C Chilled Packaging

MacDonald & Son – The Scottish Family Butcher – has been trading for over 80 years and is a family business in the truest sense of the word. Based in Dundee, the MacDonald family has successfully made the transition from traditional, store only local butcher to ecommerce success story.  

Like many businesses, the Covid pandemic accelerated a change in business model towards ecommerce alongside on-premise retail, and MacDonald & Son launched a ‘Direct to Consumer’ service that enables customers to ‘build’ their own meat box online, selecting from a wide array of top-quality meat products and associated treats.   

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Products Used:

Chillltek Fastfill box

Hydratek pre-hydrated ice packs

The Direct-to-Consumer Challenge 

With quality and temperature safe deliveries a clear priority from the outset, MacDonald & Son approached chilled packaging specialists Sorbafreeze for support in designing their delivery packaging solution.  

The temperature safe challenge was accompanied by the additional requirements of: 

  • Speed – fulfilment of orders quickly and efficiently 
  • Space – space limitations for storage of packaging materials 
  • Customisation – the option of branded boxes reflective of MacDonald’s high standards 

The Sorbafreeze Solution 

Paying close attention to MacDonald’s requirements, Sorbafreeze worked with their team to specify a flexible solution that comprises two key Sorbafreeze products: 

The Chilltek Fastfill box, a one-piece ‘pop up’ box that is foil-lined for temperature control. Quick and easy to assemble as well as being customisable if required, this box is the cornerstone of MacDonald’s efficient, quality-controlled deliveries. 

Hydratek pre-hydrated ice packs, Sorbafreeze’s ready to freeze and use gel packs which provide temperature control for 48 hours inside the Chilltek Fastfill box. 


Outstanding Results 

MacDonald & Son have been using Sorbafreeze products since 2021. In that time, their ‘Direct to Consumer’ ecommerce business has gone from strength to strength. The outstanding quality of MacDonald & Son products is consistently protected in transit by Sorbafreeze chilled packaging, and MacDonald’s customers are so satisfied that the business is now rated as the number one Scottish butcher on Trustpilot, with a consistent ‘Excellent’ rating. 

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“At MacDonald & Son, we pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our products and have done so for over 80 years. The efficiency and reliability of not only Sorbafreeze chilled packaging, but also their customer service, has meant that we can extend our values of quality and consistency to our e-commerce-driven D2C business, enabling meat lovers UK-wide to enjoy our products.” 


To find out more about the MacDonald & Son D2C range, visit their online shop. 

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