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“It is critical that we maintain the ambient temperature below 5 degrees and Sorbafreeze enables us to do just that.”

Sorbafreeze is helping Puddledub, one of the biggest names in Pork, to ensure its superior quality products arrive as fresh as they left the Auchtertool depot, no matter how remote a location the customers may live in. The safe shipping of chilled butcher meats is key to their continued success in the UK marketplace.

As well as having multi-award winning products, Puddledub Pork is also the pork and bacon of choice by celebrity chefs such as Nick Nairn, which is why quality is key.

To ensure that this high level of quality is not compromised during the delivery stage, Puddledub use Sorbaftek sheets for all of their fresh meat products when required to be transported via overnight courier.

To meet the stringent guidelines which state the goods must be kept below a temperature of below 5 degrees when in transit, Puddledub package their products into Styrofoam boxes and place a layer of Sorbatek on top, which they have frozen to minus 20 degrees.

Managing Director, Tom Mitchell, the 4th generation of his family to run the farm, explained

We are delivering our products across the UK on a next day service, however, when it comes to places such as Orkney & Shetland, it can take up to 2 days.

He continued “It is critical that we maintain the ambient temperature below 5 degrees and Sorbafreeze enables us to do just that.”

We Are Proud of What We Do

So Are Our Clients

Carwyn Adams from Caws Cenarth points out “We aim to keep our products below 5°C. As we use non-refrigerated overnight couriers to transport our orders, we send our cheese out in purpose made insulated boxes layered with Sorbafreeze sheets to ensure the product reaches our customers in top condition. We know it works as our clients probe the products upon receipt.”

Carwyn Adams, Caws Cenarth

Dan Hendry of Scotprime commented “We’ve tried everything else, even 1 litre milk bottles filled with frozen water which equals 1kg of water but when you store water there is always the risk of typhoid or Cholera. With Sorbafreeze we know that by the time the customer gets their produce it will be at the exact temperature they require, giving them enough time to sell on to their end clients for processing. We’re dealing in huge volumes such as 400 kg of prawn orders, so we cannot afford to lose the stock and not be paid for it.”

Dan Hendry, Scotprime

The Savanna’s Managing Director, Lisa Gardshol commented “Sorbafreeze was recommended to us as the best solution for our online sales and UK wide deliveries and it has not let us down.”

Lisa Gardshol, The Savanna

Owner of the award-winning Buffalo Farm, Steve Mitchell, explains “We have previously used other packaging solutions for the products we courier across the UK, but we were never totally happy or confident that our products were going to arrive in pristine condition. With Sorbafreeze, no matter what happens in transit, we know for certain that the temperature will meet every requirement, there will be no leaks and most importantly the product will be in great condition.”

Steve Mitchell, Buffalo Farm

Stuart Williamson from Flying Fish Seafoods illustrates “We were using flaked ice to deliver our products but started receiving requests from customers saying they did not want to receive packages dripping with water. We therefore use Sorbafreeze pads to control the temperature and I am delighted at how it does exactly as we need it to do.”

Stuart Williamson, Flying Fish Seafoods

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