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Chilled packaging buying guide

Selecting your optimum chilled packaging solution

Sorbafreeze understand the challenges faced when shipping chilled, frozen and ambient goods. If you want your products to arrive at your customer in pristine condition then you need to choose the right packaging.

As specialists with knowledge of cold chain management we understand that successful temperature controlled shipments rely on robust insulation combined with 100% dependable ice pack performance.

Our extensive insulated packaging range offers various box sizes, insulated liner options and ice pack formats which can be combined to offer multiple solutions for the transportation of temperature sensitive goods. The options available allow you to select the perfect solution to meet your temperature control packaging requirements – simply choose the internal box size you need, the insulation type then the ice pack (pre-hydrated or unhydrated) in sheet, block or roll format to maintain temperature within the unit. 


1 Choose your box size

Our Thermal Box range arrives as flat packed, robust, double walled corrugate outers with white exterior detailing temperature controlled goods within. Ultimate protection provided ensures pristine delivery of your goods in conjunction with your preferred insulation lining and either Sorbatek or Hydratek gel ice pack.   

 Insulated boxes, envelopes and pockets and carry home bags


2 Choose your insulation method

No fuss, no two piece assembly the triple layered liner designed to reflect almost 100% of radiant heat with internal layers of protective bubble. Space saving insulation technology, just pop open and pack your chilled goods.

FastFill Foil Liner

Rigid and shock absorbing protective cases which are water resistant available in chilled (20mm wall) or frozen (40mm wall) options. 


Flat packed, 20mm thick, 6 piece polystyrene absorbing protective for insertion into  corrugated outers, a space saving, effective insulation method.

Polytile set

100% environmental, EnviroPak offers a 100% paper-based alternative to foam/polystyrene that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.



3 Add Your Sorbafreeze Gel Ice Pack

Choose your gel ice pack from our range; sheets, blocks or Flexiroll.  The packs come in non-hydrated form – Sorbatek, or pre-hydrated form – Hydratek.

 non-hydrated gel ice packs

 pre-hydrated gel ice packs

View our products or contact us to discuss your individual chilled packaging requirements on
01592 631273.


In general, you need to have a top layer of ice packs within your insulated package above your products, the specific ratio of ice to product is dependent on multiple factors such as;

  • What size/volume of box is being used?
  • Which product (density) will be packed?
  • What temperature will the goods be packed at, need to remain below and for what duration?
  • Which insulated packing will be used to transport the goods?
  • What external temperatures, environmental factors will the goods be travelling through and to?

We are happy to discuss and recommend solutions to cover all of the above, please get in touch.

We can also offer an external validation service, your specific products packed, tested and certified by an independent body to give fully confidence to both you and your clients of temperature safe deliveries.

Save time!  Hydratek arrives pre-soaked and freezer ready, no need for soaking or hydrating. You can speed up the process further by opting for pallet quantities packed in freezer ready trays – no unpacking is required, the trays are specifically designed with vents to allow the chill of the freezer directly into the packs, which helps to cut down on your freezing costs.

Our Key Chilled Packaging Solutions

Whatever your product and industry, we have fully food safe, FDA & EU approved packaging solutions.

Certified performance validation testing is available for high volume contracts. Get in touch for details.

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