We hope we have covered any questions you may have regarding chilled packaging for food in the list below, if not please give our customer services team a call or email to solutions@sorbafreeze.com We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Are Sorbafreeze products BRCGS accredited?

Yes, all Sorbafreeze products are manufactured to BRCGS AA standards. Our certificate can be viewed here.

How do I know which Sorbafreeze products to use?

Selecting the right packaging for the shipment of food requiring temperature control is a critical element in delivering fresh produce to your customers time and time again. We can help to create a ‘bespoke service’ supporting you with your choice of packaging to ensure temperature safe results every time.

Sorbafreeze will need to know information such as:
• Types of produce, i.e. meat, fish, cheese, etc
• Weight/Dimensions of produce
• Shipment temperature required: ambient, chilled, or frozen
• Shipment duration
• Existing packaging method
• Print/branding required on the outer carton
• Estimated quantities per month

Check out our chilled packaging guide but if you still have questions please contact the Sorbafreeze team and we will be happy to help.

How long do Sorbafreeze products stay at the required cooling temperature?

Both our Sorbatek and Hydratek ice packs should be kept in the freezer until it is time to pack and seal your produce for dispatch. When packing your product, the room temperature will have an effect the performance level of the gel ice pack, and in turn the temperature maintenance of the package. Sorbatek offers up to 48 hours temperature maintenance within insulated packaging such as our Chilltek Range. The ratio of ice to product can also be adjusted depending on what temperature you need, and how long you need it for.

How can I maximise the effectiveness of each sheet/gel pack/box?

To maximise effectiveness, Sorbafreeze recommends;
Keep products and all packaging in the freezer until you are ready to pack and seal your products for dispatch.
When packing leave no spaces, fill all voids with paper, bubble wrap or preferably product! Any gaps will allow free air to circulate which allows the temperature within the insulated unit to increase more rapidly. The right box size makes all the difference, bespoke sizes available, please contact us.

Ensure a lid of ice packs (Sorbatek/Hydratek) cover the top of your goods, chill sinks downwards. Should the volume of goods demand it add layers of ice packs between and below your goods.

Completely seal the box when packed to minimise the impact of the external environment on the contents of the insulated unit. Branded tapes are also available. Please contact us for further information.

How do I use Sorbatek?

Sorbatek is one of the most convenient and easy to use chilled packaging solutions on the market today.
Simply soak Sorbatek for ten minutes to hydrate the cells then place in the freezer. Stack them fabric to foil so as to prevent the cells from sticking together.

There are various ways in which Sorbatek can be used to control the temperature within your package. The optimum solution used will depend on the size and weight of the products being shipped, the temperature required and the potential duration.

Check out our dedicated page and video on how to use Sorbatek.

Can Sorbatek be re-used?

Yes. You can refreeze Sorbatek on multiple occasions. Just ensure there is no contamination from previous use.

Do the Sorbatek cells leak water on defrosting?

No. A unique polymer is formed when the cells are hydrated which will remain in the gel format, even when defrosted. There will be no melt water and your product will remain in the pristine condition you sent it.

Why do Sorbatek ice packs maintain temperatures for longer?

Development over a period of 25 years has perfected a unique gel formula and cell format to outperform our competitors. Customer testimonials are available.

Why is the carbon footprint of Sorbatek so low?

One box of unhydrated Sorbatek equates to a full pallet of hydrated ice packs. One single pallet of Sorbatek is the equivalent of 24 hydrated ice pack pallets! Far more environmentally (and financially) beneficial!

Do I pay carriage on Sorbatek?

No carriage is charged. We deliver Sorbatek free of charge.

Why might I choose Hydratek over Sorbatek?

Save time! Hydratek arrives pre-soaked and freezer ready, no need for soaking or hydrating. You can speed up the process further by opting for pallet quantities packed in freezer ready trays – no unpacking is required, the trays are specifically designed with vents to allow the chill of the freezer directly into the packs, which helps to cut down on your freezing costs!

Can Hydratek be re-used?

The robust outer material of our Hydratek ice packs completely seals the salt based gel into the cell, promoting multi trip use which means the cells can be refrozen continuously.

Is the gel/cell material harmful?

The gel is created from FDA & EU food safe natural salt based polymer which has no negative environmental issues- perfectly safe to touch and dispose of even in a domestic environment. (If ingested seek medical advice only due to the moisture absorption nature of the polymer).
How many do I need per box?

In general, you need to have a top layer of ice packs within your insulated package above your products, the specific ratio of ice to product is dependent on multiple factors such as;

• What size/volume of box is being used?
• Which product (density) will be packed?
• What temperature will the goods be packed at, need to remain below and for what duration?
• Which insulated packing will be used to transport the goods?
• What external temperatures, environmental factors will the goods be travelling through and to?

We are happy to discuss and recommend solutions to cover all of the above, please get in touch.

We can also offer an external validation service, your specific products packed, tested and certified by an independent body to give fully confidence to both you and your clients of temperature safe deliveries.

Can Sorbafreeze products be recycled?

Hydratek’s gel ice packs are manufactured from crisp, clean, clinical polyester which is fully recyclable through your normal household recycled collections; waterproof, wipe clean and totally reusable it’s the ideal medium to display your personalised brand.
Sorbafreeze’s foam insulated envelope exteriors are made of LDPE materials and can be recycled through your normal household recycled collections.

Our Chilltek range of insulated tiles are manufactured from high density EPS ensuring maximum insulation for up to 48 hours and are fully recyclable at many local recycling centres.

The classic Chilltek polybox (EPS) can be recycled at many recycling centres throughout the UK. However, due to the rigid and durable structure, we would encourage you to re-use the polystyrene systems multiple times.

Unfortunately, despite being made of totally of recyclable materials, our Sorbatek range is not yet fully recyclable at recycling centres in the UK. Many are not yet fully equipped to separate the component materials for recycling. However, due to the very low weight ratio compared to other systems, the effective disposal costs are minimal.

We encourage all our customers to re-use Sorbafreeze products, where possible. Not only will this help save the environment, it can help your business and your customer’s businesses to save costs thus creating valuable customer relationships all round. We like to think by doing this we are all helping make the world a happier place!

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