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Have you organised your Christmas chilled packaging yet?

Have you prepared your business Christmas list? Are you organised for the festive demand? With only 7 weeks until Christmas, on-line sales are thriving and with, the majority of households spending Christmas dining at home this year, sales are due to dramatically increase further in the lead up to festive period. Businesses who sell their products online are being urged to be prepared NOW, amid warnings of “excessive” levels of e-commerce sales this year.

This has led to an increased demand for Sorbafreeze chilled packaging with resilient producers finding a new route to market- consumer doorstep deliveries.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of insulated boxes and ice packs for the food and drink industry, Sorbafreeze have expanded their production team and manufacturing capacity to meet this growing demand for door to door delivery for Christmas.

We are the only BRCGS certified chilled packaging supplier in the UK reflecting our standards of quality and safety. By manufacturing everything in-house, we reduce customer costs and minimise product lead times.

This is allowing the food and drink industry to meet the new demands of customers effectively whilst having total confidence that transportation of their products meet the temperature food safety guidelines.

One of our most popular products is Fasfill, an innovative range of pop up shipping boxes that arrive as a flat pack integrated unit, ready for you to easily assemble. All are carefully designed with integrated triple layer foil and bubble liner to provide insulation shielding against heat transfer and reflecting almost 100% of radiant heat.

The fully integrated triple foil and bubble liner guarantees safe delivery of your temperature sensitive Christmas goods. Just add Sorbatek space saving gel ice packs or Hydratek straight to freezer ice packs for up to 48 hours piece of mind whilst your goods are in transit.

Why FastFill?

  • Maximum Efficiency – Build on demand – pop open instant assembly – fully integrated liner.
  • Space Saving – Production space can be reclaimed due to flat pack design and delivery (up to 200 units per pallet).
  • Cost Saving – The expense of chilled couriers can be eliminated.
  • Outstanding Performance – No compromise on performance – trialled independently throughout the UK across all food sectors.

FastFills off the shelf stock range can be delivered next day and are available to order today via our online shop. Bespoke sizing and branding are also available within 10 working days.

Let us help you be prepared for the extra Christmas demand. We urge you to get in touch with us NOW and order your chilled packaging to allow your business distribute temperature safe via standard couriers and capture your share of the Christmas market.

FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL PACK VISIT call 01592 623523 or email The team at Sorbafreeze are here to help with all your bespoke, branded, Christmas packaging.

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