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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Sorbafreeze Environmentally Friendly Products

As a business, we feel it’s our duty to help fight climate change and as a key part of that, reduce our carbon footprint through environmentally friendly chilled packaging products. Reducing our carbon footprint is an important initiative that will help mitigate the effects of climate change, which will in turn have a positive cascade effect on public health and plant and animal diversity.

Two of our best-selling products: Chilltek Fastfill Boxes and Sorbatek Non-Hydrated Ice Packs, are optimised to help reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s how:

Chilltek Fastfill – one of our most popular boxes because of their easy to use pop-open and fill design – are naturally compact in nature. This allows us to fill more boxes on one single pallet, thereby reducing transport emissions and costs to you!

There’s lots of reasons to love Chilltek Fastfill – being kind to the environment is just one. The box is a one piece solution with sealed base that prevents leaks and contamination. Ready to pack in seconds, Chilltek features integrated triple layer foil and bubble liner, providing maximum insulation shielding against heat transfer and reflecting almost 100% of radiant heat. It’s an off the shelf solution, delivered the next day and can be customised to feature your company branding.

We also have the perfect carbon footprint friendly ice pack to accommodate your Chilltek box: Sorbatek. These non-hydrated Ice Packs are also flat packed, and can save a huge amount of space when compared to pre-hydrated ice packs, like Hydratek. Minimising the space required to store and transport again allows us to reduce the number of pallets, shipments and transport emissions.

Sorbatek’s ultra-compact format allows you to save so much space that one, 70 litre box offers the equivalent quantity of a two metre high, fully stacked pallet of hydrated gel ice packs! It’s available in a roll, sheet or block format and allows temperature safe shipping for up to 48 hours.

If you’re as committed to reducing your carbon footprint as we are, there’s even more we can offer. Our business is part of Pitreavie Packaging Group, so we can help you make eco-friendly packaging swaps for your consumables such as tape, stretch wrap, strapping and more. Contact us today for more information: 01592 623523.

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