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One-stop-ecommerce-shop: How our personalised service has helped businesses thrive throughout the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all our lives over the last year – changing the way we live, work, shop and do business. Whilst we at Sorbafreeze have been fortunate enough to remain operational throughout, we have noticed a shift – not just in our customer base itself but in the needs of our customer. With the hotel, leisure and hospitality industries remaining predominantly closed, producers of food and speciality products have had to quickly change their model to survive – marketing and delivering directly to consumers and becoming B2C businesses rather than just B2B. Whilst this change in business model is challenging to achieve for a variety of reasons, we’ve been delighted to aid food business diversification by providing personalised consultancy and a one-stop-ecommerce-shop that enables diversification of market offering and shipment of temperature sensitive products, safely and effectively.

 We have continued to work alongside food producers and business owners, providing them with the products they need and can trust from our tried and tested range of insulated boxes, pre-hydrated and non-hydrated ice packs. But more than that, our in-house experts have provided personal consultation that has enabled businesses to expand and diversify their customer base and ensure their product is effectively delivered.

We give customers two simple ways to get the products and information they need, either by shopping on our e-commerce website or speaking to our team directly. The ladder has been especially important throughout the last year as businesses benefit from our offer of bespoke branded boxes to spread their message (and importantly, brand) across their new, diversified marketplace. Equally, new customers gain confidence and assurance in our product from our offer of free samples.

For those who simply need instant access to products that provide up to 48-hour delivery of temperature sensitive goods, our e-commerce website has continued to be accessible 24/7 and allows our customers to:

  1. Choose the size of box required, based on how much individual product will be sent out in each shipment.
  2. Choose the type of insulation liner needed – whether that’s Fastfill for time and space saving, pop open and pack or the Enviropack, which is 100% kerbside recyclable.
  3. Decide what type of ice pack to use – whether that’s time saving, ready mixed Hydratek or space saving, non-hydrated Sorbatek, which requires soaking before freezing.

Regardless of how customers chose to shop our priority above all else is to remain a solutions-based business – providing support and bespoke solutions to our customers. We want to learn about their business, its needs, and specific process so we can advise on the perfect product solution, or develop a new product customised specifically to individual needs. This is what we have done over the last 28-years and continued to do (at a higher rate) over the last year to help businesses change, adapt, and survive.

As we look ahead to the easing of lockdown and more stable economic conditions, we’re remaining committed to our clients – working with them to maintain their new B2C income stream whilst they build their traditional B2B demand back.


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