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Free Sorbafreeze Samples

Sorbatek Flexiroll Non-hydrated Ice.

Why should I request free chilled packaging samples?

Choosing the right chilled packaging to transport your temperature sensitive products is of the utmost importance. We completely understand what it means to you, and your customer, to have your goods arrive safely.

Our advice is to run temperature trials with the insulated box of your choice and combine it with the correct ratio of ice to product to ensure your travel-time and temperature levels are safe. We also recommend ensuring that your insulated box is well packed so that it can survive courier handling. Our team is always on-hand and happy to help you select an appropriate insulated box, ice pack and / or packaging solution. What’s more: we offer FREE samples of our core packaging products, including:

If you would like to request your free chilled packaging samples, please fill out this form and tell us what you would like to try.

packed correctly to optimise performance of the insulation chamber created. Let our experienced  team guide you in this process.

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