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Tagg Lane Dairy: Freshness Delivered with Temperature-sensitive Packaging  

Client: Tagg Lane Dairy

Industry: Food and Drink – Raw Jersey Milk, Organic Beef

Products supplied: Sorbatek, Fastfill Box, Kerbcool Box, Clear Tape

‘Proper Dairy Products’

Set up in 2017 by the Boam family in the rural Peak District, Tagg Lane Dairy offer the freshest raw Jersey milk and organic beef.

Tagg Lane Dairy describe their milk as “unprocessed, whole and living, with all its probiotic bacteria intact.” Alongside the quality milk produced on the farm, the team also offer a range of British beef products, grass-fed to maintain nutritional value. Tagg Lane meticulously guarantee that all produce is fresh, natural, and ready for your family to enjoy. 

Freshness Delivered Nationally

Ensuring their product integrity is protected throughout the delivery process is key to the success of their ecommerce operation. Tagg Lane Dairy worked together with the Sorbafreeze team to select the best chilled packaging solutions for their milk and beef products. They now ship direct-to-consumer across the UK, retaining the product freshness that their reputation is built upon.

Using Sorbatek non-hydrated gel ice packs together with Fastfill foil-lined insulated boxes, they’re able to retain cold temperatures in transit for up to 48 hours, ensuring their Jersey milk and grass-fed beef reach customers in pristine condition.

In Summer 2023, Sorbafreeze introduced the Kerbcool 100% kerbside recyclable insulated box, a fitting product for the environmentally conscious team at Tagg Lane Dairy. The team now benefit from the same levels of quality, temperature retention and reliability with added green credentials.

Since the launch a complementary range of packaging supplies on the Sorbafreeze online shop, Tagg Lane Dairy now purchase tape together with their chilled packaging essentials. Now they receive everything they need to ship their temperature-sensitive produce, together in one convenient delivery. This streamlines suppliers, minimises deliveries, and reduces carbon footprint.

A Chilled Packaging Partnership Built to Last

“When we first started working with Sorbafreeze, we initially opted for the Fastfill box and Sorbatek ice packs, and we were delighted with the results. Our products need to reach customers as fresh as they left our farm, so reliable chilled packaging is a necessity.”

They’ve now introduced us to more sustainable chilled packaging alternatives which supports our planet-friendly ethos without impacting product quality or freshness.”

Paul Boam, Owner and Founder of Tagg Lane Dairy

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