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Sorbatek Gel Ice Packs – No Need for Chilled Vehicles

Did you know that no chilled vehicles are required with our gel ice packs?


“Shipping chilled goods as part of online orders, transporting samples of newly designed products to prospective stockists, I need to be confident I am doing it safely.”


Manufacturers approach us on a daily basis across a vast array of market sectors. They tend to look for answers to the above.


Furthermore, entrepreneurs are frustrated by the final stage of getting their bespoke product out into to the wider market. Having overcome all production hurdles, the next step is to then expand distribution.


Demand is there for the seafood, meat, high protein meal kits, ready meals, raw pet food and yes, live butterfly transportation.


In addition, financial calculations then have to be done. However, you have to look at certain details first. What size of box are you looking for? You must also consider the volume of product to ensure a good return. How do you ensure your goods arrive in a presentable condition?


Delivering products at safe temperatures should also be a serious consideration. There are a range of options that are available. You can invest in a chilled vehicle or use a chilled courier. Both can be expensive when broken down to cost per unit!


Sorbatek gel ice packs opens up the supply chain


We have been on the market for over 25 years and originally developed around the fish export business in Aberdeen. Furthermore, the Sorbatek range evolved around customer demand of rolls, sheets and blocks.



We have also proven ourselves for a number of years in the fish industry. Many processors use our products in volume to export their daily catch by truck and airfreight worldwide.



Customers share their delight with the reliable performance, minimal storage required, and low cost per unit. This has given others the confidence to use our gel ice packs across all developing market sectors. The only marketing Sorbafreeze had for over 20 years was by word of mouth. We believe this is the best testimony!


Chilled Packaging Solutions


We now supply complete chilled packaging solutions. This includes robust double walled corrugated boxes with three liner options. We also provide foil and bubble liners, flat-packed polytile inserts, and pre-moulded poly boxes.




We have expanded our chilled range with Insulated Foam Mailers for smaller dispatches. Either 36 or 48 hour temperature maintenance options are available in three sizes.




Our Insulated Foil Pockets complete the range. They can be great to separate chilled from ambient products in hampers. We offer insulation liners in standard corrugated boxes, giving you the choice of three stock sizes.



Full details or the range can be found on this website. We also supply bespoke sizing across the range.



Please give us a call on 01592 623523 to discuss your requirements further or fill out our contact form and one of our friendly team members will get be touch.


So why is Sorbatek the perfect solution across so many market sectors? 


Cooler and safer for longer is not just a hollow strap-line relating to our ice packs. Quality and performance are the key drivers within our customer base. The unique gel polymer core enables temperatures of -5°C to be maintained for up to 48 hours. The no leak guarantee ensures your products arrive in pristine condition. No melt water within dry ice packs even as they defrost!


In addition, we offer a space saving solution. One box of Sorbatek is equal to a full pallet of our Hydratek hydrated gel ice packs. This is taking more cost out of your packaging, and freeing up floor space for production!



Sorbatek has FDA 29 CRF and European EEC90/128 approval. The safe solution to expand distribution of your product is also available on our website.


Get in touch quoting SM18 for your free samples.


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