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The Importance of Effective Packing

In our last blog post we shared tips on how to ensure your goods survive courier handling, which is a topic that goes hand-in-hand with how to effectively pack goods in a box for temperature safe transport. If your precious cargo is not effectively packed before it’s shipped, you run the risk of the cargo being damaged during transport and/or not maintaining its ideal temperature. In this blog post we want to show you how to pack food for shipping.

The number one most important factor in effective packing is choosing the right box size to perfectly fit your goods without leaving extra space within the box. If your box does have extra space its contents can too easily move around, negatively impacting temperature, which is why gaps should be filled with paper or bubble wrap. Tightly packing your product within its box will help ensure there’s no movement and damage in transit is avoided.

The second step is to chill your packaging and packing environment down as much as possible. This lower start temperature level will maximise the performance of the ice, when added to the unit it will balance the level within then maintain temperature safety for up to 48 hours. This prevents the energy from the ice being used to fight external factors such as a warm box or packing facility.
When preparing your goods for transport, place your chilled products in their box, plug any air pockets with void-fill, place your ice in the box and seal the internal liner chamber before sealing the outer box. This also ensures the insulation is nice and tight, properly surrounding your goods and keeping your goods as cool as possible.

We understand that one of the trickiest chilled packaging decisions is getting the correct ratio of ice to volume of product within the box. Depending on your specific product volume and density the quantity of ice will vary, this combined with multiple factors including your start temperature and the duration of transit required means there is no one specific formula to be offered. Our team is here to help you consider the variables and decide upon a bespoke solution to perfectly match your needs. We have clients across many sectors, so we have experience dealing with a wide range of factors. We also provide free chilled packaging samples as standard to allow you to run in house trials and have complete assurance that what you’re ordering will meet your specific requirements.

When it comes to insulation to maintain the temperature of your goods in transit we’ve got you completely covered. Our range includes multiple liner options that can be combined with the ice packs of your choice, giving you the complete chilled packaging solution. Our insulation options include:

Fastfill – fully integrated, triple layer, foil bubble liner- minimum storage and carbon footprint just pop open and pack
Enviropak – made from 100% recyclable paper.
Polytile – 6-piece tile set that can be inserted as required to minimise floor space on your premises.

Each of the above can then be combined with our range of ice packs, including: Hydratek pre-hydrated ice packs and Sorbatek non-hydrated ice packs. Simply add one of these to the insulated box of your choice and your transportation unit is ready to go! It really is that simple.

For more information on any of our chilled packaging solutions or to speak with our team about your specific requirements, visit our website or call 01592 623 523.

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