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How to Ensure Your Goods Survive Courier Handling

You’ve taken the time and care to develop and manufacture your product, sell it and package it. Now all that is left to do is get it from your premises to your client’s door. Easy, right? Not always, as you need to rely on a third-party courier for transport at which point you relinquish all control and simply have to hope that your goods arrive intact and on time.

We think simply hoping products arrive safely is not enough. We provide advice and consultation to our customers that help ensure their goods survive the courier handling process and are effectively packed for transport. (More on the latter to follow in our next blog post.)

To give your products the best shot at surviving the courier handling process they require three things:

1. Protection
2. Insultation
3. Ice Packs

Unfortunately, it is not a secret that some couriers can be a bit less than gentle when handling packages, sometimes throwing them around, squishing, and squashing packaging. The best protection you can give your goods starts with the box you package them in, and our range of high standard boxes offer ideal protection.

Our range includes double wall fluted corrugate boxes with a variety of sizes which can accommodate between 6.5kg to 20kg of product per box. These are an excellent solution for a wide variety of packaging requirements, should you be dispatching in bulk our team are available to advise the optimal pallet configuration including load and layer data with crush test reports.

Finally, following feedback from our customer base, all our stock boxes are printed with protective messages that courier’s value, such as “handle with care”, “this way up”, and “chilled goods inside”. Of course, if you would rather feature your own, customised message on your boxes we are happy to arrange this for you, along with bespoke branding and custom box sizes.

When it comes to insulation to maintain the temperature of your goods in transit we’ve got you completely covered. Our range includes multiple liner options that can be combined with the ice packs of your choice, giving you the complete chilled packaging solution. Our insulation options include:

Fastfill – fully integrated, triple layer, foil bubble liner- minimum storage and carbon footprint just pop open and pack
Enviropak – made from 100% recyclable paper.
Polytile – 6-piece tile set that can be inserted as required to minimise floor space on your premises.

Each of the above can then be combined with our range of ice packs, including: Hydratek pre-hydrated ice packs and Sorbatek non-hydrated ice packs. Simply add one of these to the insulated box of your choice and your transportation unit is ready to go! It really is that simple.

For more information on any of our chilled packaging solutions or to speak with our team about your specific requirements, visit our website or call 01592 623 523.

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