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How To Use Sorbatek

Want know how to use Sorbatek in your chilled packaging?

There are various ways in which Sorbatek can be used to control the temperature within your temperature sensitive package as demonstrated below. The optimum solution used will depend on the size and weight of the products being shipped, the temperature required and the potential duration. All these variables determine the volume of ice packs required within your temperature controlled package.

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How do I hydrate Sorbatek gel ice packs?

Easy to use in 4 simple steps

  1. Soak your Sorbatek for 10 – 15 minutes in water. Tip: To speed up the process use warm water and agitate the cells, this helps to speed up the hydration process.
  2. Shake your Sorbatek vigorously to remove excess water.
  3. Stack your Sorbatek in the freezer. Fabric to foil to help prevent any ‘sticking’. (Sorbatek has been tested as low as minus 40°C when freezing). Tip:For extra assurance interweave the sheets/blocks with film or wax paper to prevent excess water freezing together.
  4. Remove from freezer and add the Sorbatek to the top (and ideally bottom) of your packaged products to create a ‘chill lid’. Tip: Combine with our Chilltek range of insulated boxes and envelopes for maximum effectiveness!

Packaging advice from our team

  1. Keep products and all packaging in the freezer until you are ready to pack and seal your products for dispatch. This helps to maintain the overall temperature of your package, ensuring optimal temperature performance whilst in transit.
  2. When packing leave no spaces, fill all voids with paper, bubble wrap or preferably product! Any gaps will allow free air to circulate, allowing the temperature within the insulated unit to increase greatly. The right box size makes all the difference. If the stock range doesn’t suit, please contact us for a better-suited size.
  3. Ensure a lid of ice packs (Sorbatek/Hydratek) cover the top of your goods, chill sinks downwards. Should the volume of goods demand it add layers of ice packs between and below your goods.
  4. Completely seal the box when packed to minimise the impact the external environment may have on the contents of the insulated unit.

Additional advice

To maintain the required temperature:

  • Frozen sheets should be placed above your product (fabric side down), as cold sinks downwards. To keep cold for longer periods place another Sorbatek sheet under your product.
  • Frozen blocks should be interwoven with products.

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