Sorba-Freeze Ice Gel Packs Deliver in +45 Degree Heat in India

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Sorba-Freeze’s unrivaled performance as the world’s leading ice gel packs for shipping food has truly been put to the test by a recent shipment to one of the leading importers of fresh fruits, meats and seafood in India.

The customer transports nearly 4,000 KG of product every week and so they required a chilled packaging solution which could cope with the searing temperatures and keep their products cool.

While Sorba-Freeze has always claimed to be able to maintain temperatures as low as -5 degrees for up to 48 hours during transportation, it has never before had to perform in such heat.

However, thanks to the unique triple action technology which has been developed over 25 years, the high temperatures did not seem to be an issue and the Sorba-Freeze performed as fantastically as ever.

The customer provided the following positive feedback: “There are no tougher conditions Sorba-Freeze could be tested under and it performed exceptionally! We are delighted to have sourced this product!”

Sorba-Freeze’s General Manager, Michelle Ottolini, commented, “We are delighted with the feedback from our customer in India as to how well the product performed in such high temperatures.”

She continued, “We are continually developing our Sorba-Freeze range to ensure it maintains the high standards which has always been associated with the name. This latest feedback further confirms that Sorba-Freeze is the best performing chilled packaging solution on the market today”.

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