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Kerbcool Planet Friendly Chilled Packaging Helps Producers Meet Environmental Commitments

Planet friendly temperature controlled packaging

Producers face growing environmental commitments

Food and Drink producers continue to face increasing pressure and UK government legislation to minimise their environmental impact. The Extended Producer Responsibility legislation focuses on minimising packaging waste, increasing recyclability and placing the onus on producers.

At the same time the UK government continue to drive their Net Zero Strategy, being the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050.

Sorbafreeze, the chilled packaging division of the Pitreavie Group, is working with environmental consultants Mabbet to develop a 10-year sustainability strategy, committing to sustainable sourcing of materials, reduction in waste and reduction in carbon footprint across the group. The strategy aligns people, product and planet and aims to work with employees, customers, and supply chain to deliver a positive environmental impact.

With producers under increasing pressure to meet these growing environmental demands, the Sorbafreeze team has developed a temperature controlled packaging range that can be fully kerbside recycled, helping businesses to reduce their waste and help the end consumer to recycle the packaging at home, with ease.


NEW: Kerbcool range

Kerbcool corrugated box with one padded linerKerbcool corrugated box with two paper linersKerbcool insulated shipping box


Extending their planet friendly range, Sorbafreeze now bring Kerbcool to the market. Kerbcool provides a sustainable way for businesses to ship temperature sensitive goods direct-to-consumer.

Sorbafreeze Business Unit Director, Michelle Ottolini commented on the launch of Kerbcool;

“As a team, we’re passionate about creating a positive environmental contribution. We’ve always listened to our customers’ challenges, needs and desires to help shape our product range over the years. With the impact of global warming so prevalent, we’re seeing a genuine interest and growing demand for fully kerbside recyclable packaging. We’ve recognised the need to take action now to minimise waste and increase recycling; and support our customers to do the same.”



Kerbcool Temperature validation graph
Kerbcool maintains 8oC temperature for up to 48 hours.


The new addition to their eco-friendly range brings notable benefits for producers:

• 100% kerbside recyclable, allowing consumers to simply remove goods and place the packaging in their domestic paper recycling bin.
• Up to 48 hours temperature maintenance – validated.
• Insulative and protective padding, safeguarding your goods in transit.
• Flatpack delivery, requiring minimal storage space and minimising the financial and environmental footprint of storing and transporting.
• Robust double wall corrugated outer box, protecting goods from the impact of the courier network.
• Vegan friendly, ensuring no animal-based materials are used.


Chilled Packaging Partnership

Longstanding customer, Lewis Pies who supply savoury pastry products, breads and cakes across the UK, initially looked to Sobafreeze for their low carbon footprint insulative packaging solution, Fastfill. Sharing the same passion and commitment to minimising their environmental impact, Lewis Pies were the first Sorbafreeze customer to make the switch to kerbcool, recently receiving their first branded order.

“We were keen to work with a trusted supplier to take the next step in our sustainability journey. It was important to us to select a commercially viable, fully kerbside recyclable solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, reliability of supply or brand recognition,” shared Jason Davies, Head of Procurement, Lewis Pies.


Lewis Pies branded Kerbcool insulated shipping box
Lewis Pies send their goods across the UK using Kerbcool fully recyclable insulative shipping boxes.


About Sorbafreeze

The chilled packaging division of the Pitreavie Group, Sorbafreeze develops a range of packaging solutions to ship temperature sensitive goods direct-to-consumer.
Samples of their product range can be requested online, allowing you to try the packaging solutions with your produce.


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