Strategic Chilled Packaging Approach

At Sorbafreeze we work closely with our customers, not just as a supplier but as an expert partner, to ensure this is achieved in way that also satisfies their commercial and sustainability objectives. We encourage all customers facing the challenge of fulfilling large numbers of small chilled deliveries to engage with us to achieve high standards and take a strategic approach that will set you up for growth and success.

Benefits of Sorbafreeze for Small Chilled Deliveries

With the Sorbafreeze small chilled delivery packaging range you get:

High quality chilled packaging, designed and manufactured to our exacting standards that simply works. It maintains temperatures for up to 48 hours, dependent on specification, and this reduces your risk of customer dissatisfaction and returns.

A range of specifications and sizes that enables you to tailor your packaging products and processes to suit your products and your standards.

Peace of mind that environmental considerations are being addressed via space saving packaging options that reduce your carbon footprint and are robust enough to be reused by the end user.

Tangible efficiency gains with pop-up ‘Fast-fill’ boxes and hydrate on demand ice packs. Our onsite manufacturing and design facilities also enable us to fulfil your demands quickly.

Free samples we encourage all our customers to undertake thorough testing prior to roll out of a new solution and facilitate this with the provision of free samples.

All you need for ensuring outstanding small-chilled deliveries to your valued customers:

Chilltek Fastfill Box

The insulated pop open pack that provides temperature safe transit for 48 hours. 

  • Flat-packed to save space
  • Pop-up & pack – no assembly required
  • 48 hr temperature maintenance
  • Bespoke print & sizes available

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Sorbatek Non-hydrated Ice Packs

The non-hydrated ice packs that offer an ultra-compact ice pack solution for shipping temperature controlled goods.

  • Ultra-compact for easy storage
  • Soak & freeze on-site
  • 48 hr temperature maintenance
  • Choose from blocks, various sheet sizes or flexible rolls

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Chilltek Foil Bubble Bag

The insulated bubble bag for smaller temperature-controlled goods inside bigger containers.

  • Separate goods with different temperatures in the same delivery
  • OR create insulation layer within standard box
  • 3 sizes available

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Chilltek Insulated Postage Envelope

The versatile, insulated postage envelopes for small deliveries that don’t require a box.

  • Tough, but lightweight
  • Large range of sizes and insulation weights
  • Strong tamper-proof sealing strip
  • 48 hour temperature protection

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