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Maynard’s Farm: Award-winning Meats in Planet-friendly Chilled Packaging

Client: Maynard’s Farm

Industry: Food – Bacon, Sausages and more

Products supplied: SorbatekKerbcool Insulative Shipping Box

Slow Food at its Best

Authenticity is at the heart of everything the Maynard’s Farm team do. Founders, Rob and Fiona Cunningham passionately describe their award-winning range of bacon and sausages as “slow food at its best.”

To deliver high-quality meats both locally and nationally, Rob selected Sorbafreeze chilled packaging to retain cold temperatures and ensure their goods arrive safely with customers, and in perfect condition.

A Planet-Friendly Partnership

The Maynard’s Farm team have enjoyed the benefits of Sorbatek non-hydrated gel ice packs since 2020. Selecting the Sorbatek flexi-roll format, they can tear off the exact amount of ice required for each individual delivery.

Sorbafreeze chilled packaging solutions provides the Maynard’s Farm team with:

  • Convenience and cost saving, using the exact ice to product ratio and reducing excess packaging.
  • Maximised operational space, due to the compact format of Sorbatek.
  • Unrivalled temperature retention for up to 48 hours in transit.

Maynard’s Farm initially combined their Sorbatek non-hydrated ice packs with the Chilltek Fastfill box. Despite the many benefits of the Fastfill box, the chilled packaging experts at Sorbafreeze recommended a new, kerbside recyclable solution; the Chilltek Kerbcool Box.

Planet-friendly Kerbcool allows the Maynard’s Farm team to offer the same level of quality and cold-temperature retention to their customers, whilst prioritising the environment. Kerbcool’s 100% kerbside recyclable qualities also helps Maynard’s Farm customers to dispose of the box easily, in their kerbside collection.

 Quality without Compromise

Rob Cunningham, Co-Owner of Maynard’s Farm had this to say:

“For us, quality and authenticity are extremely important, so compromising on our packaging is not an option. We need to have confidence in our products reaching our customers in perfect condition, reflecting our brand and quality promise.”

When we were introduced to the Kerbcool box, we were excited to try it, but subjected it to rigorous testing to ensure our products were well protected during delivery. The Kerbcool box performed well and allowed us to enhance our environmental contribution, while still prioritising the quality of our products.”

For enquiries regarding quality sausages and bacon please contact or call Rob on 07929321535.

If you’d like to sample our insulated shipping boxes or gel ice packs, request your free sample today.

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