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Minimise packaging and reduce shipping costs for smaller chilled deliveries

White insulated envelope with ice and salmon

With increasing demand for fresh, gourmet products expected over Christmas, Sorbafreeze has developed a chilled packaging solution which lends itself perfectly to shipping smaller chilled deliveries such as sides of salmon, meats and cheeses.

The Chilltek Insulated Postage Envelope is designed specifically for the shipment of smaller chilled deliveries. Its insulative and protective padding properties help to deliver your goods in perfect condition, with up to 48-hour temperature maintenance. Made from a durable LDPE material with a foam interior and tamper-proof sealing strip, the insulated envelope offers an easy to pack and lightweight chilled shipping option.

With UK household waste estimated to increase by 30% over Christmas, the insulated envelope is an alternative to distributing small orders within larger boxes and bags. The envelopes are available in a range of sizes and insulation options, designed to hold your products and choice of ice snugly, and minimise the use of excess packaging.

Why choose the insulated envelope for smaller chilled deliveries?

  • Up to 48-hours temperature maintenance
  • Reduce excess packaging
  • Reduce courier costs
  • Save time on order fulfilment – simply fill, peel and seal
  • Minimal storage space required
  • Fully BRCGS accredited

Try Chilltek Insulated Envelopes for Free

With Chilltek Insulated Envelopes providing such a wide array of benefits for chilled and frozen food producers, we encourage you to try them for yourself!

Request a sample, completely free of charge. Our chilled packaging experts will be in touch to arrange delivery and offer free, tailored guidance for your business.

Our insulated postage envelopes are available for quick delivery, a perfect solution when you need to maximise your production space during the peak Christmas period. Shop today.

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