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Multi-Temperature Shipments: Reduce Costs, Carriage and Carbon Emissions

With the rise in demand for fresh gourmet foods at the touch of a button, comes a common logistical challenge: how can we deliver both chilled and ambient products together in one multi-temperature shipping solution?

Demand for home-delivered fresh produce has grown exponentially in recent years, with the Covid-19 pandemic being a major driver.  Consumers have come to expect the convenience of a multi-temperature doorstep delivery option from their favourite meal kit producers, farm shops, delis, butchers, and fishmongers.

With the revenue of direct-to-consumer meal kits in the UK expected to grow by over 47 percent from 2023, reaching 2.44 billion U.S. dollars in 2027, the demand shows no signs of slowing.

In this article we explore common pitfalls of delivering chilled and ambient goods and how Sorbafreeze can support you to reduce packaging costs, carriage and carbon emissions with a multi-temperature solution.

Common Pitfalls: The Need for Multi-temperature Shipping Solutions

Producers often tackle this issue by shipping the goods in two separate box units: one chilled or frozen and one ambient. This works well for temperature maintenance but can be a costly practice, not to mention the risk of ingredients arriving separately. Imagine the customer experience when they’re expecting to cook a Sunday roast and the chicken doesn’t arrive.

Some producers opt to chill the entire delivery. However, the quality of many ambient products can be affected when chilled.


A Reliable, Scalable Solution

At Sorbafreeze, every product in our range has been developed directly from customer feedback. Multi-temperature shipments were a common challenge for many of our customers, so we quickly commissioned our Chilled Packaging Technologists to develop a product to eliminate this issue.

The Chilltek Foil Bubble Bag is a multi-layered foil, film and insulated bubble bag for smaller temperature-controlled goods packed inside larger shipments. Used together with ice packs, the bubble bag creates a separate insulation chamber within your otherwise ambient shipment, maintaining temperature for up to 48 hours in transit.

Chilltek Bubble Bag: The Key Benefits

  • Reduced Packaging and Shipping Costs
    The Bubble Bag is a smaller and more economical option to using an additional insulative box, lowering your spend on both packaging and shipping.
  • Customer convenience
    Your end customer will receive their full order in one convenient delivery, enhancing their shopping experience with you.
  • Protecting the planet
    By reducing the number of parcels you ship; you’ll benefit from reduced transport needs and reduced carbon emissions.

Commenting on the feedback from our customer base, Sorbafreeze Business Unit Director Michelle Ottolini shared:

“After discussing common pain points with many of our customers it was clear that we needed to develop a solution for multi-temperature shipping. It needed to be convenient and cost-effective. We’re delighted that our bubble bags have eradicated this challenge for our customers, allowing them to safely deliver chilled, frozen and ambient products in one convenient delivery box, in pristine condition.”


Try Before You Buy

Request a sample of our Chilltek Bubble Bag, and ice packs for shipping completely free of charge.

For any advice on multi-temperature shipping or to speak to us about bespoke sizing, please contact or call 01592 623523.

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