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Below we answer some of your frequently asked questions regarding our non hydrated ice packs and chilled packaging solutions.


Are the frozen ice sheets toxic?

No. Sorba-Freeze has been tested for safety and are food grade.

How do I hydrate the Sorbafreeze ice sheet products?

Soak the dry Sorba-Freeze sheets or blocks for 10 minutes in fresh water for best absorption.

Do the ice sheets give off fluid when they defrost?

No, the pads stay solid when defrosting occurs.
If allowed to dry, the contents of the pads crystallise.

How do I maximize the effect of the refrigerant sheets?

Please see our instructions page for details.

How many cells (squares) do I use of Sorbafreeze?

Many factors apply such as the type of outer packaging used etc. But as an example, a salmon producer, air freighting 17 kgs of fresh salmon uses 4 pads each with 16 cells.
You may check our instructions page for details on how to optimise the length of cooling times.

Can Sorbafreeze ice sheets and blocks be used more than once?

If the product is totally sealed then it may be safe for frozen packaging to be re-used.
This is a choice that you as the customer must make based on your safety checks. Once the pads come directly in contact with the product and absorb any fluid or solid waste they run the risk of developing bacteria after the first usage. In this case the pads should not be used more than once.

Is it possible to have a logo printed on Sorbafreeze temperature controlled packaging and if so what will it cost?

Yes, this is possible and we welcome you to contact us with your enquiry. We will offer a quotation based on your needs. Other modifications such as size and additives can also be arranged.

Are your ice packs only available in foil?

No, they can also be supplied white and clear subject to a minimum order.

Can I get different layouts to suit different insulated box sizes?

Yes, please contact our sales team for more information on 01592 631273


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