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Meal Kits and Prep Boxes

As we move into 2022 and experience a world forever changed by the pandemic, we continue to see online shopping and e-commerce trends dominate almost every industry. Consumer demand for convenience and home delivery propels the popularity of meal kits and meal prep boxes, which is a sector that’s boomed over the last two years and has major brands monopolising the space. Whilst Nationwide brands stand out, there’s huge potential for brands with totally distinct USPs to claw market-share and capitalise on growing demand. One of the ways in which many brands are doing that is through innovative, customised packaging for chilled meal kits.

This industry has unique packaging requirements as it is. Meal kits and prep boxes need to arrive at customer’s doorsteps in pristine condition with contents temperature controlled to ensure quality. But now, with fierce competition, industry leaders must customise their packaging as a means to stand out and cement brand recognition.

We are in a unique position as a supplier who can facilitate these needs. Most importantly, our products provide the ability to ship temperature sensitive products safely for up to 48 hours. Our unique catalogue of boxes and ice packs has been developed over the years with industry-specific requirements in mind. We’ve worked with a vast array of industries – including meal kits and prep – to create packaging that is cost saving, time saving, space savings and easily accessible through our online ordering system.

Chilltek, our range of insulated boxes can be completely customised in both size and design. Through our complimentary bespoke box design service, you can work with our in-house graphic designers and engineering experts to create customised packaging for chilled meal kits that truly represents your business. Coupled with our range of Hydratek Pre-Hydrated Ice Packs or Sorbatek Non-Hydrated Ice Packs, you can benefit from a complete, innovative packaging solution certified by BRCGS.

Whilst our full product catalogue is online with doorstep delivery, we appreciate that initial packing purchase is something you may want to speak to one of our experts about – especially if you’re looking for customisation. We are on-hand, ready to provide advice and expertise from our 27 years in the business. You can contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and we’ll create a bespoke solution complete with free samples for you to trial.


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