We’re proud to be the only UK chilled packaging manufacturer to maintain the rigorous standards required to meet our BRCGS accreditation. You can trust that our product is of the highest quality and worthy of protecting yours.
Our pre-hydrated Hydratek ice packs are perfect for businesses who are under time pressure but not limited by freezer space. While our non-hydrated Sorbatek option is a quick and easy-to-use option if space is at a premium.
Box iconWe’ve been supporting businesses with their temperature-sensitive shipping needs since 1990, so we understand your unique set of requirements. Whatever your needs we've got you covered.
All of our ice packs are manufactured in-house at the Sorbafreeze technology centre. We’re one of the few UK suppliers to manufacture all our product in-house, giving you the confidence of supply security, whatever happens.

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Our customers successfully use Sorbafreeze gel ice packs for a range of chilled and frozen goods across the food and drinks industry.


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Hydratek pre-hydrated gel ice packs

Ideal if your business is time-pressured and not short of freezer space.

Our pre-hydrated ice pack option is perfect for business who want to save time without sacrificing on quality. Without the need to pre-soak, this straight-to-freezer pack is available off the shelf in individual 25 kilo boxes and bulk-packed pallets.

Choose from block or sheet format and combine with your choice from our Chilltek range of insulated boxes and bags to achieve temperature-safe shipping for up to 48 hours.

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Sorbatek non-hydrated gel ice packs

A quick and easy-to-use solution for businesses where space is at a premium.

The ultra-compact non-hydrated format lets you save space, with one 70 litre box delivering the same quantity of ice packs as a 2 metre high fully stacked pallet of Hydratek. That means more space for production, allowing you to maximise your profit margins.

Sorbatek ice packs are available in roll, sheet and block format. Combine them with your choice of outer packaging from our Chilltek range of insulated boxes and bags to keep your products chilled and protected for up to 48 hours.

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