However complex your chilled packaging requirements, you can trust the extensive Sorbafreeze range to deliver market-leading performance and protection for up to 48 hours.

Our fully-customisable insulated boxes come in a range of sizes, styles and finishes, from robust foil-lined or poly-tile to partially or fully kerbside-recyclable. Each one is rigorously tested to BRCGS standards for complete peace of mind.


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We’re proud to be the only UK chilled packaging manufacturer to maintain the rigorous standards required to meet our BRCGS accreditation. You can trust that our product is of the highest quality and worthy of protecting yours.
Our range of fully customisable insulated boxes are designed to keep your temperature-sensitive products chilled for longer, with up to 48 hours of reliable protection.
Clipboard iconWe’ve been supporting businesses with their temperature-sensitive shipping needs since 1990, so we understand your unique set of requirements. Whatever your needs we've got you covered.
Box iconAll of our insulated boxes are manufactured in-house, offering supply chain confidence. With our own corrugate factory and experienced design team we can support you in creating a bespoke solution.


Our newest chilled packaging innovation, the Ecotek insulated corrugated box is comprised of 4 robust walls of corrugated cardboard, for enhanced temperature maintenance.

It’s also 100% kerbside recyclable (no plastic here!). Protect your goods and the environment at the same time with Ecotek insulated corrugated boxes from Sorbafreeze. Get in touch for more info or scroll down to shop now.


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