Insulated boxes & trays

Our selection of Chilltek temperature controlled thermal boxes and trays come in a variety of sizes with a choice of three insulation methods maintaining temperatures below 8°C. Triple layered liners, rigid and shock absorbing protective cases and flat packed tiles provide up to 48 hours transit time.

The range of insulated boxes and trays have been developed with the safety of your food and drink products in mind. Goods are delivered in pristine condition by choosing the insulation lining method best suited to your product then adding the Sorbafreeze chilled packaging solution to your choice of our Chilltek range.


All options are sold as a complete unit. Price includes both your insulated liner of choice and the size of corrugate box you choose.

Triple layer maximum insulating bubble/foil liners shield against heat transfer, reflecting almost 100% of radiant heat. Designed with our chilled clients in mind, these offer maximum space saving whilst delivering the performance you would expect. Keeping your products cool for up to 48 hours whilst maximising space in both your package and warehouse.

When used with the Hydratek or Sorbatek range our flat pack polystyrene tiles offer a great solution to businesses looking to achieve excellent temperature controlled performance, keeping your goods chilled below 5°C for up to 48 hours. The polyethylene foam liner has been designed to not only reflect heat & insulate, but will also protect your product from impact.

The Chilltek range of poly boxes have been the preferred choice of the seafood industry for years. Lightweight but durable with outstanding shock absorption to provide protection during transportation, they can also be re-used multiple times. Available by the pack or pallet – you choose. Our highly effective classic thermal Polystyrene boxes, when used with our coolants, have been designed to keep your frozen products below -18°C for 48 hours.

Our mini tray is an alternative option if you have individual items to transport – ideal for samples and smaller goods. Clients currently use them to transport individual butcher’s goods (i.e. sausages, bacon), seafood (i.e. packets of smoked salmon) and juice shots. The double wall corrugated box is extremely robust and offers maximum protection due to its tuck flap design.

Sorbafreeze Chilltek tray and bubble bag

100% Environmental EnviroPak offers a 100% paper-based alternative to foam/polystyrene that perfectly maintains temperature sensitive goods during their peak shipping windows of up to 48 hours. EnviroPak is the 100% recyclable and biodegradable solution when it comes to packing cold chain and temperature sensitive items.

How can paper insulation work? EnviroPak pads are formed with a unique stitching process that traps air between two sheets of kraft paper. The trapped air allows for the paper pads to offer the same temperature sensitive properties as other alternative materials but is also curbside recyclable and biodegradable.

How does it get produced? EnviroPak cold chain solutions are also the optimal solution for retailers as the paper pads are created on-demand directly at the packing station, freeing up valuable storage space normally used to store foam coolers and panels.

Once you have chosen the insulated liner correct for your needs you can rely on the strong, double wall corrugated cardboard boxes to maximise protection of your products.

Manufactured here in the UK, you can be sure our range of Chilltek boxes can cope with all the challenges faced by courier deliveries. The clean, sharp white kraft exterior can have extra marking added to it making it clear your goods are temperature sensitive.

In addition, if you’re looking for a solution you can use again and again until no longer required then look no further. Our boxes are environmentally friendly and can be re-used on many occasions then simply recycled as standard corrugate waste.

Our Chilltek boxes can be branded with your logo so you can further promote your brand and stand out and, as they come flat packed, they take up minimal storage space!

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