The comprehensive range of pre-hydrated gel ice packs.

The outstanding performance of traditional Sorbafreeze (now rebranded as Sorbatek) is unbeatable but when your dispatch volume increases, the soaking prior to freezing process can become too time consuming and can outweigh the cost savings to be had with traditional unhydrated ice packs.

Your volumes demand a pre-hydrated straight to freezer option = Hydratek

The Hydratek range has a selection of blocks and sheets to work with all insulated dispatch boxes to ensure temperature maintenance of your products.  Bespoke sizes and branded print are available on request.

Over 25 years of knowledge and expertise as chilled packaging specialists has been fully invested in Sorbafreese in the development of hydratek to ensure it will fully match the temperature performance our Sorbatek range is already known for.

Key Features

  • Fully compliant with European Food Safety Agency Standards.
  • No pre-soaking required – time saving gel filled cells.
  • Temperature maintenance of up to 48 hours – unique cooler for longer gel.
  • Multiple off-the-shelf formats including blocks and pre-cut sheets to suit any size of box.
  • Bespoke formats and branded print available to suit your specific requirements.
  • Available in individual 25kg boxes or straight to freezer pallets in our specially designed fast-freeze trays.
  • Manufactured from food-safe crisp, clean, recyclable white polyester with maximum puncture and tear resist properties (standard ASTM F1306 test method applied).
  • Superior design and finish to reflect the quality of your product and brand.

Certified performance validation testing is available for high volume contracts. Get in touch for details.

Hydratek Range

Hydratek is available in five sheet options and as  500g blocks.  You can buy our products in boxes or pallets. The off-the-shelf sheet options have been designed as ‘chill lids’ to fit the most common dispatch boxes.

Hydratek’s 500g blocks have been developed with the seafood industry in mind and used worldwide by leading companies to ensure the safe transport of their temperature sensitive goods and most critically maintaining the integrity of their cold chain deliveries. They provide a high density frozen mass maintaining temperatures for up to 48 hours when combined with our Chilltek range.

Bespoke sizes and printed options are also available upon request.

Sheet/Block Format Sheet Size mm Cell Weight Cells per Sheet Sheet Weight Sheets/Block per 25kg Courier Box Sheets/Block per Courier pallet of 40 Boxes Sheets/Block per Fastfreeze pallet of 42 trays
1×1 120×130 125g 1 125g 200 8000 6720
2×1 280×120 125g 2 250g 100 4000 3360
2×2 280×240 125g 4 500g 50 2000 1680
3×2 280×360 125g 6 750g 34 1360 1134
4×2 280×480 125g 8 1kg 25 1000 840
1 Block 180×120 500g 1 500g 50 2000 1680

If you have any questions about our Hydratek range please contact our sales team to find out more



Hydratek Gel Ice Packs – 1 x 1

Sheet dimensions: 120mm x 130mm

125g cell

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Hydratek Gel Ice Packs – 2 x 2

Sheet dimensions: 280mm x 240mm

4 x 125g cell

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Hydratek Gel Ice Packs – 3 x 2

Sheet dimensions: 280mm x 360mm

6 x 125 cell

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Hydratek Gel Ice Packs – 4 x 2

Sheet dimensions: 280mm x 480mm

8 x 125g cell

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Sorbafreeze-Hydratek-500g Block-Cool-Gel-Pack-Gel-Ice-Pack

Hydratek Gel Ice Packs – 500g Block

Sheet dimensions: 280mm x 480mm

1 x 500g block

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Hydratek Gel Ice Packs- 2 x 1

Sheet dimensions: 280mm x 120mm

2 x 125g cell

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