Sorbatek Gel Ice Packs

Sorbatek is our non-hydrated solution, gel ice pack manufactured in the UK.

Trusted by companies worldwide for over 27 years to ship a variety of temperature sensitive products including meat, seafood, ready meals, dairy and pharmaceuticals. Offering optimal temperature control for your goods for up to 48 hours.

Sorbatek gel ice packs are renowned for outstanding performance (developed around the demanding fish industry in Aberdeen) and minimal storage requirement – one small box equates to a full pallet of hydrated

Sorbatek gel ice packs are designed to keep your products cooler for longer whilst in transit and our ‘no leak guarantee’ ensures your product arrives in pristine condition, coupled with our unique reflective foil allowing you to offer perfect presentation to your client with every delivery. Fully food safe and compliant with all European standards to take the worry out of temperature controlled shipping.

Benefits of Sorbatek


Space Saving

The ultra-compact format of Sorbatek allows you to save space on your premises with one 13Kg box offering the equivalent of a full 800Kg pallet of traditional hydrated gel ice packs. Leaving you more space for production and helping you to maximise profit margins.


Time proven performance, trusted by customers globally for over 27 years. Offering optimal temperature control of your products for up to 48 hours whilst in transit and ensuring products arrive temperature safe every time.

Food Safe

Fully compliant with all European Food Safety Agency Standards you can be sure Sorbatek is fully food safe and will not harm your products whilst in transit. Offering and your client’s peace of mind.


Our ‘no leak guarantee’ ensures your products remain in perfect condition whilst on the move. Sorbatek’s intelligent design retains meltwater to prevent any liquid damaging your packaging whilst our hi-tech reflective foil helps present your product in its best light to clients upon receipt.


With Sorbatek no matter what happens in transit we know for certain that the temperature will meet every requirement, there will be no leaks and most importantly the product will be in great condition. 

Steve Mitchell, Owner, The Buffalo Farm


Sorbatek Range

Sorbatek is available in three formats including sheets, block and our most adaptable Flexiroll. All were designed with you in mind and are made to fit the most common box sizes on the market today. In addition, we can provide bespoke Sorbatek products from our state of the art facility when your requirements can’t be met by our standard range of gel ice packs.

All of our standard Sorbatek products are available from stock for 48 hour delivery.

Product Flexiroll 500g Sheet 750g Sheet 1kg Sheet 400g Block
Quantity per box 2 rolls 1200 sheets 800 sheets 600 sheets 2000 blocks
Cell size 65mm x 75mm 63mm x 75mm 63mm x 95mm 63mm x 95mm 268mm x 100mm
Sheet /roll dimensions 420mm x 60m 295mm x 210mm 268mm x 285mm 290mm x 420mm 268mm x 100mm
No of cells per box 9600 14400 9600 14400 2000
Capacity 40g per cell 500g 750g 1Kg 400g
Total hydrated weight 384kg 600kg 600kg 600kg 800g
Boxes per pallet 24 20 20 20 24

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Sorbatek – Flexiroll

Pre-perforated roll allowing you to tear off sheets at the required size.
There are 2 x 60m rolls in each box.
Flexiroll can also be purchased in single rolls.

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Sorbatek ice pack blocks for transportation 1

Sorbatek Ice Pack Block – 400g

Each box contains 2000 blocks
Each block weighs 400g when hydrated
Block dimensions 268mm x 100mm

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image of sorbatek 3 x 4 flexisheet sorbafreeze hydrated ice pack

Sorbatek – 500g Flexisheet

A box contains 1200 sheets of Sorbatek.
Each sheet consists of 3 x 4 cells and weighs 500g when hydrated.
Sheet Dimensions 295mm x 210mm

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Sorbatek ice packs for transportation 4x3

Sorbatek – 750g Sheet

A box contains 800 sheets of Sorbatek.
Each sheet consists of 4 x 3 cells and weighs 750g when hydrated.
Sheet Dimensions 268mm x 285mm.

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Sorbatek – 1 Kilo Sheet

A box contains 600 sheets of Sorbatek.
Each sheet consists of 6 x 4 cells and weighs 1Kg when hydrated.
Sheet Dimensions 290 mm x 420mm.

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