Sorbatek Benefits

The ultra-compact format of Sorbatek allows you to save space with one 70 litre box offering the equivalent quantity as a 2 metre high fully stacked pallet of hydrated gel ice packs. Leaving more space for production and helping to maximise profit margins.
Box iconSorbatek ice packs available in roll, sheet and block format combined with your choice of outer packaging from our Chilltek range of insulated boxes and bags allows temperature safe shipping for up to 48 hours.
The Sorbafreeze team are proud to have achieved and are fully invested in maintaining the rigorous standards required to meet our AA BRCGS accreditation.
We manufacture all of our ice packs in-house at the Sorbafreeze technology centre. As part of Pitreavie Packaging, we also manufacture all boxes at our Cumbernauld corrugate plant.

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