Sorbafreeze understands that your ambient product may still need to be protected from climate change & high temperatures. We offer an extensive range of packaging solutions catering for key markets including bakery goods, confectionery, flowers and much more.

Our range of ambient packaging works to extend the shelf-life and quality of your product in store while being completely affordable.

Our packaging is split into three categories – ChilltekSorbatek and Hydratek. The products in these categories come in different configurations and sizes and can be combined in different combinations to maintain your products at an ambient temperature.

Chilltek is our range of temperature controlled thermal boxes and trays which come in a variety of sizes with a choice of three insulation methods,  triple layered liners, rigid and shock absorbing protective cases, flat packed tiles and the 100% environmental WrapPak.

Sorbatek is our non-hydrated chilled gel ice pack solution and Hydratek is our pre-hydrated chilled gel ice pack solution.

Combine Chilltek with either Hydratek or Sorbatek to provide your perfect chilled packaging solution. See our packaging guide for full details.

The products listed below all work to maintain your product at a consistent temperature.  If you have any questions please contact our team.

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Chilltek Insulated Box

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