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Chilltek Foil Insulated Bubble Bad - Thermal Bubble Mailer

Chilltek Bubble Bag – 620mm x 550mm

The Chilltek Bubble Bag is a multilayered foil, film and bubble bag manufactured to create an insulated pouch that separates chilled from ambient goods within one delivery or can be used with a standard corrugated box to create an insulation layer.

Step 3: By by pack or pallet



(£2.28 per bag)
A pack contains 25 insulated foil bubble bags. Bag Dimensions: 620mm x 550mm

Pallet (12 Boxes)


(£2.05 per bag)
A pallet contains 12 boxes. Each box contains 75 insulated foil bubble bags. Bag Dimensions: 620mm x 550mm

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