Chilltek Poly Tile Box

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Poly Tile Set Boxes

Product Size Liner Type Pack Qty Packs per Pallet Total Pallet Qty
CBX1 Poly Tile Set 270x205x205mm (inner dimensions) Poly Tile 20 boxes 8 packs of 20 boxes 160 boxes
CBX2 Poly Tile Set 365x255x255mm (inner dimensions) Poly Tile 20 boxes 4 packs of 20 boxes 80 boxes
CBX4 Poly Tile Set 465x335x180mm (inner dimensions) Poly Tile 20 boxes 4 packs of 20 boxes 80 boxes
CBX6 Poly Tile Set 545x325x215mm (inner dimensions) Poly Tile 15 boxes 4 packs of 15 boxes 60 boxes


Designed to combat storage issues with pre-moulded polystyrene boxes, our flat pack 20mm polystyrene tiles (6 piece set) offer a great solution to businesses looking to achieve excellent temperature controlled performance, keeping your goods temperature safe for up to 48 hours.

Our temperature controlled thermal Chilltek boxes, come in a variety of sizes with a choice of three insulation methods to create a temperature controlled packaging unit for the safe transit of your product.

Our Chilltek Insulated boxes with poly tile liners provide excellent temperature performance with 6 piece 20mm thick, high-density EPS Tiles. This Chilltek solution is durable and lightweight while offering a clean, professional image to your customers and provide up to 48 hours of protective insulation ensuring your products arrive food safe and in pristine condition.

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