Sorbatek – Flexiroll

Sorbatek, our non-hydrated chilled packaging solution, is ultra-compact for ease of storage and offers time-proven temperature performance.  Trusted worldwide for over 25 years, it can be relied on to ship your products at the right temperature.

Sorbatek (previously known as Sorbafreeze) our gel ice pack manufactured in the UK.

Step 3: Buy Flexiroll by box or pallet

Product Flexiroll
Quantity per box 2 rolls
Cell size 65mm x 75mm
Sheet /roll dimensions 420mm x 60m
No of cells per box 9600
Capacity 40g per cell
Total hydrated weight 384 Kg
Boxes per pallet 24

Sorbatek – Flexiroll

from: £80 per roll (£0.10 per strip)

Buy Sorbatek – Flexiroll by Box or Pallet

Buy Sorbatek – Flexiroll by Box


(£0.11 per strip)
A box contains two rolls of our Flexiroll product. Each roll is 420mm x 60m and is perforated every 75mm.

Buy Sorbatek – Flexiroll by Pallet


(24 boxes @ £160 per box, £0.10 per strip)
A pallet contains 24 boxes.
Each box contains two of our Flexiroll product.
Each roll is 420mm x 60m and is perforated every 75mm.

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