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Expand Your Distribution Chain by Delivering Pet Food Directly to Customers

Doorstep deliveries of consumables have boomed in recent years, with Covid lockdowns driving the demand. Our range of chilled packaging has made it possible for producers and manufacturers to safely transport chilled products safely for up to 48 hours, and one consumable in highest demand is pet food.

Dog, and other pet owners are embracing the benefits of fresh and raw food for their beloved animals and are flocking to animal stores to source their favourite fresh brands. If you’re a manufacture looking to ship pet food directly to customers, you have the same requirements for the safe transport of your product as any other food producer. That’s where we can help.

Our product range includes insulated boxes and bags, pre-hydrated and non-hydrated ice packs that are externally validated to ensure that chilled, raw, fresh and frozen pet food can be transported safely for up to 48 hours. We even have innovative solutions, like our Chilltek Fastfill Box, that’s so simple and convenient you can literally pop it open, pack it up and ship it!

The best thing about our chilled packaging solutions is that they can open your business to new market-share and drive new revenue streams by allowing you to deliver directly to consumers. We provide professional design services so you can create a custom box to display your own branding and key messages. Our consultants will help choose the perfect packaging for your product, prioritising what matters most to you – whether that’s saving money, saving space, reducing your carbon footprint, or all of the above.

Ship pet food directly to customers using Sorbafreeze chilled packaging. Request your free sample, or contact us today.

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