Sorbatek Gel Ice Packs

Sorbatek is our non-hydrated solution, gel ice pack manufactured in the UK.  

Trusted by companies worldwide for over 27 years to ship a variety of temperature sensitive products including meat, seafood, ready meals, dairy and pharmaceuticals. Offering optimal temperature control for your goods for up to 48 hours.

Sorbatek is renowned for its outstanding performance (developed around the demanding fish industry in Aberdeen) and minimal storage requirement – one small box equates to a full pallet of hydrated

Sorbatek keeps your products cooler for longer whilst in transit and our ‘no leak guarantee’ ensures your product arrives in pristine condition, coupled with our unique reflective foil allowing you to offer perfect presentation to your client with every delivery. Fully food safe and compliant with all European standards to take the worry out of temperature controlled shipping.

Step 2: Select the Sorbatek product you are interested in

Sorbatek – Flexiroll

from: £106.25 per roll (£0.10 per strip)

Pre-perforated roll allowing you to tear off sheets at the required size.
There are 2 x 60m rolls in each box.
Flexiroll can also be purchased in single rolls.

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Sorbatek ice pack blocks for transportation 1

Sorbatek Ice Pack Block – 400g

from: £194.75 per box (£0.08 per block)

Each box contains 2000 blocks
Each block weighs 400g when hydrated
Block dimensions 268mm x 100mm

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image of sorbatek 3 x 4 flexisheet sorbafreeze hydrated ice pack

Sorbatek – 500g Flexisheet

from: £194.75 per box (£0.16 per sheet)

A box contains 1200 sheets of Sorbatek.
Each sheet consists of 3 x 4 cells and weighs 500g when hydrated.
Sheet Dimensions 295mm x 210mm

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Sorbatek ice packs for transportation 4x3

Sorbatek – 750g Sheet

from: £194.75 per box (£0.21 per sheet)

A box contains 800 sheets of Sorbatek.
Each sheet consists of 4 x 3 cells and weighs 750g when hydrated.
Sheet Dimensions 268mm x 285mm.

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Sorbatek – 1 Kilo Sheet

from: £194.75 per box (£0.29 per sheet)

A box contains 600 sheets of Sorbatek.
Each sheet consists of 6 x 4 cells and weighs 1Kg when hydrated.
Sheet Dimensions 290 mm x 420mm.

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