• Stack of Insulated Boxes

    Therma Insulated Boxes & Trays

    Sorba-Freeze Insulated Boxes have been designed to complement the unrivaled performance of our Sorba-Freeze ice sheets and provide a complete chilled packaging solution for the transportation of your products.

    Our redesigned range has been chosen to provide you the complete solution for transporting your chilled and frozen products. With five sizes to choose from simply select your size, select your insulated liner from our three options (Therma Liner, Therma Polybox and Therma Tiles) offering up to 48 hours of performance and create your perfect solution to ship your chilled and frozen products.

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  • Insulated Envelopes with Sorba-Freeze Ice Packs

    Insulated Envelopes

    Sorba-Freeze Foam Insulated Envelopes set new standards in the chilled packaging market providing you with the perfect solution for shipping small orders or product samples.

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  • Food Freezer Gel Sheet

    SorbaFreeze Sheets

    Our Sorba-Freeze Sheets provide the most convenient solution to your chilled packaging requirements. Available in 500g, 750g and 1kg sheets

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  • Chilled food Packaging

    SorbaFreeze FlexiRoll

    The ultimate in performance meets total flexibility. A 60 metre roll perforated in strips of 6 cells to create the optimum size for your product.

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  • food freezer gel sheets

    SorbaFreeze Blocks

    Provide a high density frozen mass which can be placed between the products to maintain temperatures of -5 Degrees Celsius for up to 48 hours.

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