Are you looking to ship chilled or frozen products around the UK or perhaps worldwide? Do you require temperatures as low as -5°C for up to 48 Hours whilst in transit. Are you also looking to ensure product quality, safety and integrity? If this sounds like you, the new range of Therma Insulated Boxes & Trays may offer a quick and easily solution. In addition, allowing you to focus on creating quality products.

Designed to work in harmony with the range of Sorba-Freeze Ice Sheets, Flexiroll, and Blocks, our boxes and trays help to establish the complete validated temperature controlled shipping solution – why leave product safety to chance?

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Sorba-Freeze Temperature Controlled Packaging

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Stack of Insulated Boxes

You’ve spent hours perfecting or sourcing your products. You have also written business plans and building websites. It’s finally time to take your product to market and start allowing customers to enjoy your goods (and hard work!). But now you’re unsure where to start? How do you ship chilled or frozen goods? With so many options on the market, it can seem a little daunting! You want to ensure temperature safety, keeping your products food safe and your brand reputation intact. Furthermore, minimising on cost, environmental footprint and storage limitations are also a concern!

Luckily it doesn’t have to be so difficult. In addition, Let’s take a look at the list of things you need to consider before choosing your solution:-

  • What product are you shipping?
  • Is it Chilled, Frozen or Ambient?
  • What are its dimensions and how many are you shipping?
  • Do you want a stock or branded (printed) box?

Once you’ve established these things, you can start to work out the best temperature controlled solution for your business.

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You now have a better understanding of the box size you require, great! Let’s take a closer look at the range of insulation options and establish which might suit you best. No matter the size of box or the temperature you require to ship it at, there is an option that will suit.


All options are sold as a complete unit. Price includes both your insulated liner of choice and the size of corrugate box you choose. 

THERMALINE (Chilled + Ambient)

Thermaline Insulated Boxes

Designed with our chilled clients in mind, these offer maximum space saving whilst delivering the performance you would expect. Keeping your products cool for up to 48 hours whilst maximizing space in both your package and warehouse.


  • Triple layer maximum insulating bubble/foil liners which shield against heat transfer, reflecting almost 100% of radiant heat. Fully validated performance.
  • Arrive flat packed for ultimate space saving.
  • Offering a clean, professional package to your customers.
  • Cost effective, offering up to 48 hours of protective insulation.

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THERMA TILES (Chilled + Frozen + Ambient)

Our therma tiles were designed to be used with chilled or frozen products. They can offer a great solution to smaller businesses looking to achieve excellent temperature controlled performance (up to 48 hour). This is also whilst offering flat packed storage efficiency and keeping costs at a minimum.

  • Flat packed for space saving.
  • 6 piece 20mm insulation tile set.
  • Manufactured from high density EPS ensuring maximum insulation for up to 48 hours.
  • Fully recyclable at many local recycling centers.

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THERMA POLYBOX (Chilled + Frozen + Ambient)

Insulated Polybox

Our classic therma polybox. Time proven performance, the preferred choice of the seafood industry for years. This is due to the rigid and durable structure. Can also be re-used multiple times.


  • Lightweight but durable with outstanding shock absorption to provide protection during transportation.
  • Premolded insulation using 20mm thick walls.
  • Multiple sizes and depths available with or without corrugated outer.


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Therma Boxes

PRODUCTInternal Sizes
(L x W x H) mm
Pack Qty*Therma Polybox
(Per Box)
(Per Box)
*Therma Tiles
(Per Box)
Buy Now
CBX1310 x 245 x 24520£2.42£2.75£2.21Buy Now
CBX2405 x 305 x 29520£3.10£3.61£3.59Buy Now
CBX4505 x 375 x 22020£3.52£3.96£4.04Buy Now
CBX5595 x 370 x 20520£3.71£4.14£4.36Buy Now
CBX6585 x 365 x 25515£4.56£4.29£4.84Buy Now

*Deduct 40mm from internal (L x W x H) sizes to accommodate tiles or polybox.


Our mini tray is an alternative option if you have individual items to transport – ideal for samples and smaller goods. Clients currently use them to transport medical samples, individual butcher’s goods (i.e. sausages, bacon) and juice shots. This double wall corrugated box is also extremely robust. This is offering maximum protection due to its tuck flap design. In addition, this is available with or without a foil insulated envelope.


PRODUCTMini TrayMini Tray with Foil
Insulated Envelope
Internal Size (mm)390 x 250 x 60390 x 250 x 60
Pack Quantity5050
Price£1.20 each£2.25 each
Buy NowBuy Now

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Manufactured here in the UK, you can be sure of quality. In addition, if you’re looking for a solution you can use again and again until no longer required, look no further. Furthermore, don’t forget to recycle once you’ve finished with them too!

Strong – Manufactured using double wall fluted corrugate to maximize protection of your products. In addition, your Sorba-Freeze boxes can cope with all the challenges faced by courier deliveries.

Efficient – As they come flat packed, our boxes take up minimal storage space.

Reliable – Showing our latest range of insulated liners, they allow you to create the optimal temperature controlled unit. In addition, this is to transport your chilled and frozen goods with the confidence of maintaining a temperature from as low as -5°C for up to 48 hours.

Superior Presentation – The clean, sharp white kraft exterior with added marking to make it clear your good are temperature sensitive. In addition, this is helping not only to ensure extra care is taken by both carriers and customers, but promoting quality. Especially when working in combination with Foil Finished Sorba-Freeze sheets, flexiroll or blocks. Enhance your overall product presentation with ease.

Environmentally Friendly – Boxes can be re-used on many occasions then simply recycled as standard corrugate waste. Liners can be recycled in local centers around Europe.

Branding – Boxes can be branded so you can further promote your brand and stand out!

The Complete Solution – Our range of insulated boxes, combined with our Sorba-Freeze sheets, provide the complete solution for the transport of your chilled goods. Click here to find out more about our range of Sorba-Freeze solutions

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Insulated Tile Edge & Flat Pack Compact


As one of the world’s leading suppliers of complete chilled packaging solutions, we can supply virtually any shape or size of insulated box. We also have some of the most competitive prices on the market today.

Perhaps you are looking for something to help set your brand apart? In addition to our core range of boxes, we can offer bespoke print and branding to help your business stand out! Use our custom printed boxes to maximise the impact of your delivery. This will also ensure your business doesn’t go unnoticed.

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