Insulated Boxes & Trays


Sorba-Freeze Insulated Boxes have been designed to complement the unrivalled performance of our Sorba-Freeze sheets and provide a complete chilled packaging solution for the transportation of your products.

Arriving flat packed for easy storage, our robust, double walled, corrugated boxes are fully insulated through insertion of 6 mitred pads which have been manufactured from 20mm high density EPS ensuring maximum insulation.

Our core range of Insulated Boxes comprises of six different sizes and is supplemented with two sizes of insulated laminated envelopes.

Insulated Boxes

PRODUCT14 Litre Insulated Box30 Litre Insulated Box40 Litre Insulated Box
Internal Size (mm)240 x 240 x 240375 x 300 x 260560 x 330 x 220
Pack Quantity251515
Price£2.15 each£4.60 each£4.97 each
Pack Price£53.75£69.00£74.55
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However, as one of the world’s leading suppliers of complete chilled packaging solutions, we can supply virtually any shape or size of insulated box at some of the most competitive prices on the market today.

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In addition to our core range of boxes, we can also supply a wide range of  box sizes and capacities as well as custom printed boxes to maximise the impact of your delivery.

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Key Benefits of Our Insulated Boxes & Trays

The high standard of UK manufacture allows our insulated boxes to be used again and again and recycled when no longer required.

Strong –Manufactured using double wall fluted corrugate to maximise protection of your products, the Sorba-Freeze insulated boxes can cope with all the challenges faced by courier deliveries.

Efficient – As they come flat packed, our boxes take up minimal storage space.

Reliable – Featuring 6 x 20mm EPS panels, mitred for maximum insulation, our range of boxes allow you to create the optimal unit to transport your chilled goods with the confidence of maintaining a temperature from as low as -5 degrees for up to 48 hours.

Superior Presentation –The clean, sharp white kraft exterior promotes quality, working in combination with Foil Finished Sorba-Freeze sheets to maximise the overall presentation of your products.

Environmentally Friendly – our boxes can be re-used on multiple occasions then simply recycled as standard corrugate waste.

Branding – Our Insulated Boxes can be branded allowing you to further promote your company.

The Complete Solution – Our range of insulated boxes, combined with our Sorba-Freeze sheets, provide the complete solution for the transportation of your chilled goods. Click here to find out more about our range of Sorba-Freeze solutions

Insulated Trays

PRODUCT19 Litre Insulated Tray23 Litre Insulated Tray28 Litre Insulated Tray
Internal Size (mm)560 x 330 x 100560 x 330 x 120560 x 330 x 150
Pack Quantity252525
Price£4.16 each£4.32 each£4.81 each
Pack Price£104.00£108.00£120.25
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Sorba-Freeze Mini Tray

Our mini tray is an alternative option if you have individual items to transport – ideal for samples. This double wall corrugated box is extremely robust offering maximum protection due to its tuck flap design and is available with or without a foil insulated envelope.


PRODUCTMini TrayMini Tray with Foil
Insulated Envelope
Internal Size (mm)390 x 250 x 60390 x 250 x 60
Pack Quantity5050
Price£1.20 each£2.25 each
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