Sorba-Freeze FlexiRoll

FlexirollThe ultimate in performance meets total flexibility with the Sorba-Freeze Flexiroll. Perforated strips of 6 cells provide you with the ability to create the optimum size for your chilled packaging solution.

So whether you are using a bigger or smaller box or simply one which doesn’t suit the size of the standard Sorba-Freeze sheets, this is the option for you. Simply tear off the number of cells to fit the size of the box being used and away you go.

Measuring 60 metres in length and perforated every 75mm to provide strips of 6 cells, the Sorba-Freeze Flexiroll also allows you to wrap larger products such as beer kegs for outside bars or festivals.

Its complete flexibility has made it our most popular product – especially for companies in sectors such as Meat, Seafood as well as Cheese and Dairy, where the rigorous regulations regarding the transportation of food are absolutely critical.

Quantity2 rolls
Cell size65 x 75mm
420mm x
60m roll
Perf every 75mm
No. of Cells
Per Box
Capacity40g per cell
Total Hydrated
Weight Per Box
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Sorba-Freeze is ultra compact for minimal storage space – one box of Sorba-Freeze is the equivalent to a pallet of hydrated gel packs which makes it easy to store.



Key Benefits of Sorba-Freeze Flexiroll

  • Most versatile Sorba-Freeze product – simply tear off what you require, whenever you require it.
  • Enables products to be wrapped for extra temperature control
  • Enables temperatures of -5°C to be maintained for up to 48 hours – the best performing solution on the market today.
  • Delivers lower unit cost than any other chilled packaging solution including gel packs and flake ice
  • No leak guarantee to ensure your product arrives in pristine condition
  • Superior design and finish to enhance the packaging and reflect the quality of your product and brand
  • Complies with European Food Safety Agency Standards
  • Ultra-compact packaging to minimise storage requirements prior to usage